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Reproducible: Opening Pipboy and Containers Introduces Stutter when Turning




After a complete and working install of FLNV, I've noticed an issue where opening the pipboy or a container will introduce a great deal of stutter when the player turns around afterward.  Interacting with the pipboy or container will also cause the game to freeze for a second or two before continuing, and after closing said menu.  But the main problem is that it introduces this strange turning stutter until the player has viewed the entire scene again- at which point, the frametimes return to normal.  Is there a reason for this?  I searched the forums to see if this was a known issue but I haven't found anyone else complaining of this particular problem. 


I discovered and corrected another form of stutter when turning in cells with water- something involving water multisampling settings in the launcher, which I disabled.  However, this issue happens everywhere.  I get the impression that its either reloading the scene graphically whenever you interact with menus, or there are some sort of scripts involving containers/the pipboy that cause this.


I have reproduced the issue on another PC- It so happens that I've gone through the guide twice now, on two different PCs, and I have had this issue both times.  I'd appreciate it if anyone knows more.  Thanks.




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Update: I'm now fairly sure that it had something to do with my ENB- only after removing it completely and replacing it with the normal ENBoost did the problem disappear.  No idea why.  Some sort of VRAM or cache limit problem maybe?  ENB was Rudy ENB but I doubt that matters.

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Hi, good that you pin-pointed where the issue was.


ENB is known to cause all sorts of problems with FNV. In fact some people on the forums actually suggest removing it completely. I haven't been playing the game long enough to be super-competent on the topic, but my testing shows that software anti-aliasing in FNV is so bad, that even ENBoost is not worth using.


However, here is a list of common fixes you might try out if you insist on using an ENB:

1. Try to properly set your VRAM in ENBlocal.ini. Carefully follow the instructions of the guide.

2. Do not ever use the ENBlocal provided with any ENB preset! ENBlocal is automatically generated to fit your specific hardware and replacing it means that you fool ENB about your PC specs. This affects performance and stability of the ENB. Rudy ENB has a nice section explaining how to set a proxy without having to replace your own ENBlocal.ini.

3. Always disable AA and AF through FNV launcher when Using ENB. Also check whether your video card profile of the game tries to force AA and AF and disable them as well if needed.

4. Check out for weather mods compatibility. Rudy ENB is not compatible with any weather mod. It has some experimental workaround for Nevada Skies, but in case you were following the FLNV guide and have RWLE, you should use a different preset.

5. Check out for compatibility with lighting mods as well. Not all ENBs are compatible with ILO.


In case you are following the FLNV guide try out Lucent ENB or Old World Enb, both are confirmed to work with the recommended mods.

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