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Grayed out mods in MO



So this happened all of a sudden.  Pretty new to MO so I'm not sure what it means or how to fix.  I can't double click on the grayed out mods.  I've tried reinstalling them but end up with the same result.  I've tried right clicking to remove, but the option isn't there.  Only options are:


Install mod

Enable all visible

Disable all visible

Check all for update


Export to csv


Also it seems like everytime I try to sort my left pane by name or priority, it doesn't work and part of the list disappears.  WTF is going on??




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Some mods aren't packaged correctly. You need to manually click the folder to install when there is that pop-up in MO. You right click the folder that needs to be installed and select set data directory. 


You'll have to do some other stuff for FNIS though. That is a special mod. Search our wiki or forums for directions to use that mod.

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It seems you accidentally set MO to group mods by Nexus ID. The default setting is "No groups". You can select it from the dropdown list below the left panel.

Strange.  Not sure how/when I did that, but you're right.  That worked and got it looking normal again.  Thanks!

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