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[Fallout NV]AMD RX 460+Wind 10+ENBoost=Black Screen on Start



My specs are in the signature.


I've been trying to get the ENBoost v0.278 running on a new rig with Win 10 x64 (build 14393). Installed the DX June 2010 Runtime. Got only the enblocal.ini, enbhost.exe & d3d9.dll in the FNV root folder. Enabled HDR. Disabled Steam Overlay. Set the E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas as an exeption in Avast, applied the recommended STEP tweaks to the enblocal.ini, then booted the game through MO (I'm using the FalloutNVpatch, so I start the game through FalloutNV.exe) - and I get a black screen of death. Music is still playing though and I don't get an immediate CTD (so I made a little progress since last time).


ENB Patch v0.203 however works like a charm.


AMD driver is 17.2.1.


I guess d3d9.dll is the culprit, as deleting it gets the game up and running.


I've read that AMD is no longer supported n the ENB forums. I've also read that I might not an ENBoost at all. Can I do something else?


PS. It's the wrapper version I'm using.

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Never mind, I had the injector version up an running.


Here is some info to the other unfortunate guys out there , that have the same problem as me:

to install the Injector version you only need enbhost.exe, ENBInjector.exe, enbinjector.ini, enblocal.ini, and enbseries.dll from the bundle. In enbinjector.ini write:




This is missing in the ENBoost STEP Guide.

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