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Resident Evil 4 HD Project (RE4HD)


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This is a project worth supporting for those interested in Resident Evil 4. You can follow their progress at: https://www.re4hd.com



excepts: FAQ



Who are you?
We’re two guys who love Resident Evil 4 and want to help create the definitive graphical experience for the game. Cris is from the midwest in the US, while Albert lives in Spain. [...]
What makes this prohect different?
Restoring the visuals using the original real world sources.
In preparation for the original game, Capcom gathered texture assets by photographing a variety of real-world locations, primarily throughout Spain and Wales. For this project, Albert has gone to these same locations to gather higher resolution assets. The result is a visual experience that is as true to the original game as possible, presented in resolutions up to 16 times that of the original game.
Correcting texture mapping and 3D modeling issues.
Enhancing flat objects to true 3D models.
Remaining committed to the original visuals.
Why are you doing this?
With the release of the Ultimate HD version, we have confirmation that while some textures have been upgraded, the majority haven’t. It seems safe to say that an official 100% across-the-board HD revamp of the game isn’t coming anytime soon, so now is the time to do this.
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Not a fan of RE, but I check up on this every 4 months or so to just see what has been accomplished. I think that is testament to their dedication and hard work. The guy who goes around (Spain?) and finds the exact original references is a star. Pretty inspirational stuff and they've been chipping away at it for years now right?

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