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Spending Money! How do you folk do it?

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Hail everyone!
One thing i love is money, but in skyrim, i allways get to the point of having more money than i have places do spend it!
So, i wanted to ask, anyone know good mods, that add new ways to spend money?
I'm loving using a Breezehome Upgrade that gives a good underground expansion to the place, and puts really high prices on the updates for there.
It makes a good thing to focus my money on!
Besides that, money is only worth to by pots/crafting resources and traning, which is something i try to avoid for a slower level up.
You know, i like to train myself. Normally only using trainers for armor skills and pickpocket.. Because **** the pickpocket system.
Well, so, i ask you folk, what good mods you use/know, that add good ways to sink your money for cool rewards?

Right now, i'm searching nexus for player homes with lots of upgreadable stuff, so i can sink my money on them xD

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Hehe, gonna try this pack! 
I remember, one mod that i liked but had some troubles with crashes and inconsistences, were a mod that allowed me to order NPCs to Enchant, Craft and Temper my equipaments.

It were a good way to sink money, but i think they`re not compatible with Ordinator.
There were something about the Perks changes.
Sad that i`ven`t seen a new mod with the same concept appearing.

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