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Vanilla Vegetation Overhaul by poetr

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The Vanilla Vegetation Overhaul improves textures of trees, plants and grasses, but tries at the same time to keep a very vanilla-like look. This mod does change textures of tree branches, most plants and grasses and also adds new grasses for more variety.


Since there is no "grass only" version of SFO for Skyrim SE, when i saw this mod i thought that it would be the perfect replacement in case of a STEP Special Edition.


The only downside (for me at least) is that there is no Realistic Aspen Trees patch yet.

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      Now I know these are obvious and basic things to list but I wanted to list them anyway for reference.

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      Normally I would brush these two things off because DynDOLOD is actually working in my game, It fixed my tree textures and none of my textures/meshes are broken as far as I can tell. The only reason I am trying to fix this issue is that every 5 Seconds those two messages are spammed in the corner of my screen and it is irritating to watch. 

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      Pros: doesn't overwrite anything else in the STEP guide.
      Cons: a bit pointless and unnecessary perhaps.
      Current STEP --> This mod
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