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Updated mods

Homemaker at v1.4.

Valdicil's Item Sorting now at v7.5.0.

LooksMenu now at v1.1


Settlement mods

Settlement Keywords Expanded - No Far Harbour option in fomod. I'm under the impression that all DLC support is included in the main file (v1.4).


Misc Textures

Alternate Desk Fan is repeated.


User Interface

Valdicil's Item Sorting - Val's Picks DLC Vanilla Weight has the separate Far Harbour and Automatron plugins integrated (according to LOOT).



Also, how in the world does one get FO4Edit to work -  executables binary is pointing to  ModOrganizer2Data\Tool\FO4Edit\FO4Edit.exe - but when I run FO4Edit thorugh MO2, it can't find the ini file.

Is there something stupid I'm missing?




Differences from guide as written.

No CBBE or any of the related mods. (Can't stand them)

Full Dialogue Interface over NewDialog. (FDI has been updated for Vault-Tec Workshop)

Vanilla Main Menu over The Wanderer. (Prefer looking at snazzy armour, than some J Random guy)

Plus a bunch of other mods installed afterwards to fix pet peeves.

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Yea I'm aware that there are updates on the Nexus site for the mods, I Update using the check all for update each day.


  • If Booting FO4 from Mo2 gets broken I will update the Guide ASAP for a fix/workaround
  • I will not update 30 mods every time they get updated on Nexus unless there is (MAJOR) change to the filename or Fomod. (I will "get around" to it maybe weekly....")


The guide is for General installation for somebody that has very little experience in Modding, but at the end will get all the bells and whistles.


As to other mods outside of the guide - it's your game do what you like, your imagination, your preference, your style.

If there is a major issue with a mod not listed in the guide, Like cant install a particular mod or it causes CDT. I can assist, If it's an FO4Edit overwrite patch issue then no I'm not going to write a patch but I will point you to information to assist you.



Mo2 drop down Box choose <EDIT>

in Title put FO4Edit

In Binary E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\FO4Edit.exe (the directory where F04Edit.exe resides)

Click add

Should be working now.


[spoiler=List of files in the FO4Edit folder] E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Fallout3.Hardcoded.keep.this.with.the.exe.and.otherwise.ignore.it.I.really.mean.it.dat
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\TES5Edit Readme.txt
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\_newscript_.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Add enable parent to the refs of specific base object.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Add prefix or suffix to Editor ID.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Add Prefix Plus Name To EDID.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Apply custom scripted filter.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Apply filter for cleaning.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Apply filter for deleted navmeshes.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Assets browser.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Assets manager.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Base object variations.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\BASH tags autodetection.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark1.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark1Go.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark2.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark2Go.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark3.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark3Go.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark4.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark4Go.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark5.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Bookmark5Go.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Change load order of FormID.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Change persistent flag.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Check for errors.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Check for invalid alternate textures.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Conflict Status.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Copy as override.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Copy FormID to clipboard.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Create Shared Infos.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Detect conflict between elements.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Execute external applications.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Export dialogues.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Export list of cells.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\ExportImportTexts.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Find cell in worldspace.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Find records.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\FO3 and FNV - Translator.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List FormIDs from specific space.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List hardcoded forms from references.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List loaded plugins and their masters.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List LOD objects and meshes.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List master references.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List null FormID.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List records referencing specific plugin.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List used baseforms and statistics.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\List used meshes.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\LODGen.exe
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\LODGen.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Merge overrides into master.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Oblivion - Export all scripts in xml format.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Oblivion - Export Dialogues.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Oblivion - Items lookup replacement.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Oblivion - Items lookup replacement.txt
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Oblivion - OCO faces assignment.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Output used assets filenames.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Put master references in the same cell as overriding references.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Put worldspace references in the right cells.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Redirect references.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Regular Expressions Workbench.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Remove duplicate references.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Remove excess references.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Remove identical to previous override records.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Remove percentage of references of specific object.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Renumber FormID.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Replace landscape texture.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Replace map marker.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Replace model alternate textures.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Replace model file name.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Replace text in EDID and FULL.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Report masters.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Report unclamped FormIDs.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Restore record names from master.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Save script source.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\SaveAs.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Scale trees references.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Set default water level in exterior cells with HasWater flag.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Add keywords.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Add shadow bias to lights.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Book Covers Patch.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Check edge links in navmeshes.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Check script properties.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Clean edge links in navmeshes.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Convert BOOK to SCRL.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Convert LIGH record with mesh to STAT or MISC.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Copy book text only from master record.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Copy cells settings.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Copy VMAD subrecord.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Create patch for ClimatesOfTamriel and SoundsOfSkyrim-TheWilds.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Export and import weapons stats from spreadsheet file.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Filter by script.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Find uncompressed records.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - List actors with more than one vendor faction.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - List interior cells.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - List old version plugins.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - List used scripts.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Make outfits from inventories.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Read Books Aloud.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Remove frequence variance from sound descriptors.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Remove invalid entries.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Reuse faces.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Set first person flags on armors affected by specific plugin.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Set HavokDontSettle flag on BOOK references.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Set HavokDontSettle flag on refs using models from list.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Set HavokDontSettle models list.txt
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Show references from location.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Tree LOD files patcher.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Skyrim - Tweak bloom, eyes adaptation, tint.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Undelete and Disable References.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Undelete navmeshes.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Update records form version.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Weather Editor.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Worldspace browser.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Worldspace change height.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Worldspace copy landscape.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Worldspace crop.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Worldspace displacement.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Worldspace move references into another worldspace.pas
E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\Worldspace scale refs position.pas


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Ah, gotcha. I do tend to overhelp sometimes. The list of differences was more for me putting it somewhere, in case my PC dies.


Wasn't expecting you to do anything, just an FYI.

I miss words in sentences sometimes, and I won't see it until someone points it out.


Thanks for the explanation though.  So I will restrict my helpfulness to broken/incorrect links, typos, the like and of course testing.


Now, FO4Edit.


I've followed the instructions to use FO4Edit through MO2 (see attached images).


When I install FO4Edit the usual way, it works, reads the virtual file system, all good. The guide, no go. If I have to do it a different way, cool. 

You seem to have a better idea about how MO2 works than I do. 




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Looks like you have it right, try



close MO2
Backup E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Fallout 4\ModOrganizer.ini
del E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Fallout 4\ModOrganizer.ini
Start MO2
Choose Fallout 4
check if FO4Edit works it not remove it from Executables close Executables restart MO2 make a new FO4Edit in Executables.



I'm assuming the issue/glitch is because of the Portable to Profile change over. The permissions on the files get screwie.


Other than that you may need to



[right click] E:\ModOrganizer2Data-->Properties--->Security--->Advanced

[select] Everybody (make sure Access is full control

[Tick] Replace all child object permissions entries with inheritable permissions entries from this object

[click] OK



See how that goes.


Last resort 



backup E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Fallout 4

Delete E:\ModOrganizer2Data\Fallout 4

restart MO2

Choose Fallout 4 and remake the profiles clean

check if FO4Edit works

if it does you will have to copy the contents of your download folder into your new setup then reinstall all the mods (DONT COPY THEM)



Oh and by the way when you say 'usual way' I assume you mean just run FO4Edit outside of MO2 and you see the plugin selection box with Fallout4.exe and all the DLC's and nothing else.....

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One other thing when MO2 fails in life it creates a folder called c:\Program with nothing in it, if it is present you need to close MO2 then delete it then start MO2


if the c:\Program is present F4SE won't start and MO2 wont run external application mod orders wont be saved etc,etc,etc.

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you can install it anywhere and it will see the FO4 install directory (as long as it's a legitamate copy)


Did any of the fixes work? was there a c:\program there?


Did you try download tes5edit again and expand a clean version to the folder and rename the executable again?

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No c:\program.

First fix, doesn't work.

Second fix, can't change permissions properly. 

Third fix, I'm not reinstalling all my mods for a third time. Possibly down the track.


Tried the redownload and reinstall, nope. FO4Edit downloaded from nexus.

MO2 is a copy downloaded from nexus, game is legit copy, activated on Steam with all the DLC (Season Pass). Steam user name kalshaiman.


I've got FO4Edit in the game main folder, point MO2 to it. FO4Edit works fine from inside MO2 and sees the virtual file system.


I try and use it installed outside the game's main folder, running from MO2, no luck. Is there an argument I can use for the executables in MO2? Or shortcut command line thingie for FO4Edit.exe?

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From your descriptions I'd say it is an issue with UAC. xEdit will work called from anywhere and by anything as long as the registry entries for the game(s) are valid. Windows does like to get in the way though and if Steam or Fallout4 are in a path that is under UAC you may have to use the Steam mover tool and move out to a better location.

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Ahhhh I did not think of that I use C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 I'll have to include that info in the wiki thnaks

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Steam install E:\Games\Steam - Never been anywhere else on this PC.

Fallout 4 install E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 - Never been anywhere else on this PC.

MO2 install E:\Games\ModOrganizer2 - shifted from a portable install inside the Fallout 4 folder.


FO4Edit version is 3.1.3 7e81da1.

FO4Edit installed in E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 and run from MO2 - works perfectly fine.

FO4Edit installed in E:\Games\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit and run from MO2 - it can't find a thing. 


What I have works, so I'd rather not change it. However, much headscratching has ensued trying to figure out why it doesn't work outside the game folder. Call it annoying my sense of order.

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close MO2
go to C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Fallout4
make a backup and delete the contents
start game through steam when you get to main menu exit
open MO2 go to download tab
find a download you already have installed run it and choose replace.
try FO4edit



NOTE: the changes in the folder you removed are NMM Specific and are required By NMM and by removing them NMM will not work correctly.

These files will have to be replaced if you want to use NMM

Edited by Gernash

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