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.esp's not installing to Skyrim Data folder using MO



Hey all,


I have tried searching this on the forums and have had lil results.


I am using MO to install mods to skyrim. MO is installed to my Skyrim folder. When I download a mod from the nexus, and use the MO to install it, the esp files from the mod are not showing up in the data folder.


Am I doing something wrong? I did not change any of the presets to the location General Advanced tab.





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When you say "the esp files from the mod are not showing up in the data folder", how are you looking at the data folder. If you use the Windows file explorer then you will not see anything installed by MO. Each mod installed in MO will have its own folder, the left pane, and will reside there.


In MO the plugins tab on the right is the Data folder. Are your installed ESPs and ESMs showing up there?

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Mod Organizer does not work like other mod managers so you won't normally see anything other than the masters and plugins that come with the game in the data folder. All mods you install with Mod Organizer are installed into the ModOrganizer/mods/[mod name] folder where [mod name] is the name of the mod being installed. Mod Organizer presents a virtual file system to the game so you don't have to worry about assets (like meshes and textures) in one mod overwriting assets from another mod, so it's generally a lot cleaner and a lot easier to manage assets like meshes and textures.

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