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In-game ENB Guide


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This allows all settings found in the enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini files to display info notes on what it does,

the performance impact it has and download links to required files for specific effects etc, etc.

I will also have shader files covered, there isn't much content in Boris default shader files but it has been

covered since initial release.


For other custom shader files from various ENB presets, I will not add info to them personally, that is the job of

the preset author. I will only supply them with a base file to add proper info to.



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This is brilliant! I don't know if this is an internal controllable, but the text displayed on the right is really difficult to read due to the spacing of the characters. If it's an internal thing, you might want to bring this up with Boris. The readability is just not pleasant. Bringing the characters together more while leaving the word spacing will improve it a great deal.

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Yes I am aware of this, it can possibly be done through editing the font .png file, maybe.

The proper and best way is to edit the code itself, and that is something Boris have to do as it is an internal part of the binary file.

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The in-game guide has now been updated to v0.5.

Additions can be read in the change log over at nexus, it contains info not currently present in the STEP guide or my own old guide.

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