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ELEP - Vanilla Base [Skyrim]


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The focus on this preset was to have a good base for anyone who wants to start tweaking their own preset, but don't want to go through all the hassle of setting everything up. With this preset you can ease your way in to becoming a tweaking master.

Start small just adjust some settings in the enbseries.ini file to see what each setting does, if you end up "destroying" the visuals of the preset, just copy and paste the .ini file from the 7zip folder and start over.

And when you feel comfortable enough, go ahead and move on to alter the shader settings, and after that the shader files themselves even.

Or however you want to approach it, it's up to you.

  • I have normalized and corrected the pitch black shadows caused by too high contrast values, while still keeping it at a very similar amount of darkness that is in the vanilla game. Thus the color range have been increased thanks to that.
  • Nights are slightly darker in the ambient/"shadow" lighting but fully visible compared to vanilla shadows.
  • All imagespace modifiers functions!, but now you can customize Night Eye visuals with a range of settings only applied when Night Eye effects is active.
  • Visuals are close to vanilla so any type of lighting mod that works and looks good without this ENB Preset, should look good with this preset. However I can't guarantee that to a 100%, there are always something/somethings that can look a bit off. But even if it does it would most likely only require small amount of tweaks to compensate for that visual difference.
  • Separate Readme files explaining all the files different commands, in very simple terms so there hopefully will not be any confusion arising.
  • Assigned the min and max values to all the commands to their appropriate level to not cause any faulty render/pixelation or any other issue related to using a too low or too high value.


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Not a newer version, a different one.


ELEP - FVC, it's a long word to type, compared to ELEP - Vanilla Base is very simple to explain the difference. The former uses AGCC to customize the visuals

while latter only has AGCC activated while the customization is done through custom controls similar in some ways to Boris Post-Process 2 in his original files.


However now that I downloaded to compare the effects properly I noticed that ELEP-FVC v1.3 is almost identical to ELEP-VB. Need to correct that.

But ELEP-VB is more up-to-date than ELEP-FVC v1.3 is, and with some new improved features.

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Not dead, just on a vacation of sorts.
and thanks :)


It might not be as finely tuned as ELEP-FVC, but it's a very good base to start from.

Seeing as all .ini files are untouched, apart from special effects and their settings that is present under the EFFECTS section.


And also a feature that I don't believe any other ENBSeries preset previously have had before, is the new Weather transition effect I implemented a while back.

It allows the possibility to disable and/or alter effects during specific weather's, the way I use it now is to remove extra amount of settings for specific weathers that only has one time cycle instead of Dawn, Sunrise, Day, Sunset, Dusk and Night. they now just have the one time cycle, Day, so it won't screw up the visuals in those specific weathers.


The only one I can remember right now have a similar function is kingeric1992, which I based this code off. He has it in his enblens.fx WeatherFX file, but he does not have a smooth transition between weathers, just a "on/off" switch between weathers, last time I checked anyway.


This feature can also be "re-coded" into a weather Factor, essentially allowing splitting up a setting, Brightness for instance, into 99 different settings * TOD settings. So 1 weather would have 6 settings, then multiply that by 99. Helluva fine tuning process or what :P

But more features can be done with this as well, more 

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So as Tech recommended me the other ELEP and I really like it, I assume this isn't for someone like me who can't be bothered tweaking stuff? I'm still pretty new to using ENB.


While I am here also, I'll ask why the shadows on the water are glitching out? Is there a quick fix or should I just turn it off? Z-fighting for shadows is how I would describe how it looks.

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It can be used as is, I just made it so if you do decide you want to tweak something. You'll do it from the ground up and not start from something that have already been tweaked.

So if you liked ELEP-FVC, you should like this as well, and it's as easy/hard to tweak as any of ENB presets are.


I also think you would be intereseted in the addition I'm working on now, or rather taking up again after my away time from modding in general.


Settings info directly in game via ENBSeries localization.


Expanding the S.T.E.P guide, in-game by JanderswedinZ, on Flickr



I have no idea why that occurs. I do vaguely remember something about this issue, but it was ages ago and can't remember what happened with it, if we came up with a solution or not.

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