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Dual boot questions.




After some reading I am going to try creating a partition on my hard drive and re-installing windows 7 so I can dual boot. That part seems simple enough. My question is is there anyway besides transferring my game folder to a flash drive, to transfer my game folder to the Windows 7? I only have 1 hard drive on the machine and buying another or an ssd is not really an option atm. Any help is appreciated. I'd like to transfer my mod organizer setup containing over 300 sorted and edited mods without having to reinstall and download whole thing.

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How big of a drive are we talking about here?


Scratch that. It doesn't matter. I'm gong to assume you know what you are doing and make this simple rather than detailed...


Just use Ubuntu and burn a DVD or use a USB stick. Then make sure your BIOS is set to post from the DVD drive or bootable from USB (first boot device). Pop in that DVD or stick and press the key to boot to it. Once it's loaded, choose your language and then select "Try Ubuntu", rather than installing it. You'll have a fully working version of linux running. It should detect your drive. Just open the drive and copy the files to the new partition. Once it's finished, and shut down Ubuntu and boot into Windows 7 to find your files neatly copied over. :^_^:

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