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ENB Not Launching with 4Gb Loader Fix

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Hey Everyone.


I have recently just finished working through the guide and ENBoost wouldn't launch whenever I started the game.  I know the guide mentions that people have had issues with ENBoost and the 4GB Loader, so I tried the Injector version instead of the Wrapper version as the guide suggests and it still didn't work.


Things like this really get my OCD up so I did a bit of trawling around and found this solution......


I had this exact problem earlier. What I did was really simple. I copied the d3d9.dll that I had for my ENB and placed that in my exe folder, that came with the 4GB. That easily worked for me


This was from https://steamcommunity.com/app/22380/discussions/0/522730700914412568/?ctp=2


I did like the above said and ENB now launches (with the Wrapper version, not tried this fix with the Injector) and FNV runs fine so far.  When following the guide the exes folder can be found within the main Fallout New Vegas install folder. However, has someone else mentions later on in the post, the only downside appears to be crashing on game exit but that doesn't appear to be much of an issue.


There is another solution mentioned in the post linked above but as the above solution worked for me I haven't yet tested it.  Hope this helps anyone else who, like me, have this issue.


Happy Wasteland wandering, folks!





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This suggestion is already in the guide;


Note: A couple things to be aware of:
If already using an ENB, disregard the installation of these files and since ENBoost is already included in ENB. The optional settings can be followed for users that need borderless window or help with setting up the AF and AA settings.
If setting up the Proxy Library be sure to rename the d3d9.dll from the additional injector or it will overwrite the ENB d3d9.dll.
If ENB isn't working properly check to see if the 4GB launcher has created an "exes" folder in your installation directory, if so move the ENB d3d9.dll there.
directly under the ENB section at the beginning.
I can't quite remember whether or not this does cause the game to crash on exit, but yeah that's not really a big deal.  Not sure I'd recommend renaming the .exe as suggested in that one post either.  Note that those instructions were also not for MO.
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Doh! My bad, so it is. I'm so used to setting up ENBoost for FO3 that i only skimmed that section and didn't notice the last sentence. That will teach me to be more careful in the future. With regards to the second method, i agree completely. Which was why i didn't try that way first. Unless it's something like the FO3 launcher replacer, where the C&PD guide tells you to rename the original exe, then I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it to be honest.

Thanks for pointing out this was already in the guide. ☺

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