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Acessing mods in game



Hello folks, sorry to bother you.

Starting using Mod Manager now, installed the mods i need to try it out, started the game via SKSE over MO.

Everything looks fine and runs stable so far.


Only Problem i have that i can't seem to access the mods to make some configurations in game.


With NMM i am used to having the Option to enter the Mods when i hit ESC.


on MO they dont show up there.

tried to find a solution for this, but so far found non.

Did i make someting wrong in my load order maybe or is that option not in MO ?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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When i start with the SKSE_loader.exe in the Skyrimfolder, SKSE is working.


Maybe MO is using a different SKSE ? Might that be possible ?

Foudn the solution.


SKSE in MO was starting not with the SKSE_loader.exe, it was starting with TES5 instead.


Thanks for the help.

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Yes, i did run SKSE from the drop-down menu in MO.

When i start i also get a few error messages, which gopher said is normal and no need to worry.


SKYUI ErrorCode 1 (SKSE would not be running)


and Racemenu also dodnt detect SKSE, but it is there


Sorry, not good at this kind of things i am afraid.

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Ok, that was the way i installed it the first time. remoed SKSE (all files) and did the same runthrough.


Same Problem. When i start SKSE through MO (no other mods active atm on MO) and try to get the version of SKSE in the start menu via getskseversion

i just get an eroor message:

Scriptcommand "getskseversion" not found.

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