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Mod Organizer use Following SteamMover



Been using the S.T.E.P. wikis for about two year now and finding them extremely helpful.  I built a new rig this spring and successfully moved all my Steam games and Mod Organizer to the new machine: everything runs well despite changing drive letters etc (actually better than before).


I would like to move just Skyrim to an SSD, keeping my Steam folders on the HDD where they are now.  I know how to do this with SteamMover.  I will probably move the MO/mods folder to the SSD as well.  Other than specifying where I moved the mods folder to, would I need to change anything else in Mod Organizer because of the symbolic link?





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If you move the Mods folder, all you need to do is run Mod Organizer, go into settings, click the Advanced checkbox and enter the path to the new Mods folder. If you do it this way, copy the mods folder first so the mods still exist when you start Mod Organizer, then change the path, exit Mod Organizer, and delete the old mods folder.


Thinking about this a bit... any specific reason you don't want to move the entire Mod Organizer folder to the SSD? If it's because you have tons and tons of files in the Download folder, move everything in the Mod Organizer folder except the Downloads folder to the SSD. Run Mod Organizer, go into settings, and change the path to the Download folder.

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