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Adding loose files to Data/Meshes.. ?



So I found a mod on Nexus (mod used loosely here, it's an animation "fix") that switches Khajiit tail animations(https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51324/?) and I can't for the life of me figure out how to install this with MO.


NMM has the option to insert files but I'm not seeing anything like it with MO. I also cannot find the directory manually to drop them in there.


This isn't a plugin file, which is probably why I'm having issues. It's a "drop this folder into the data/meshes" thing.



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In this case, you need to package the archive file to correct the folder structure:

  • Extract the files from the Tail Sprint Workaround zip file so you can see the auxbones folder and ReadMe.txt file
  • Create folder called meshes and move auxbones and ReadMe.txt into the meshes folder
  • Create a folder called data and move the meshes folder into the data folder
  • Right click the data folder, Send To, Compressed (zip) folder and then name this file something like Tail Sprint Workaround-51234-1a.zip
  • Install this zip file through Mod Organizer
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  • Download it to your "[...]\Mod Organizer\downloads" directory.
  • Right-click the mod in the downloads tab and choose "Query Info".
  • Double-click the mod to bring up the manual installation dialogue.
  • Right-click "<data>" and choose "Create directory...".
  • In the name dialogue window, type "Meshes" (without the quotation marks).
  • Left-click the "auxbones" folder and hold the button, drag it into the new "Meshes" folder.
  • Click Install.

Edit: Ninja'd...  :ninja:


Either method works. :-)

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