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Following STEP and now SKSE wont work



so im going through the step core guide and tasting to make sure everything works every time i see bench mark. i just finished the clothing and equipment part and now when i launch SKSE nothing happens, just a blank command prompt window and nothing happens. any ideas what it might be?

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Was the game working after you finished 2.H. Characters & Creatures and are you running Loot to sort the load order in the right pane before you run SKSE? I don't really see anything in 2.I. Clothing & Equipment that might cause this kind of issue.


Assuming the game was working after 2.H and you are using Loot to sort the load order properly, you might uncheck all the mods from 2.I to verify the game still works. If it does, enable the mods in 2.I say five at a time and test until you find the culprit. You might also double check the SKSE executable settings, SKSE.ini and ENBLocal.ini to make sure these are all correct.

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everything was working great before hand, i unchecked everything in 2.h and now still have the same problem now for some reason. no changes have been made to any ini recently


also ran loot, it said no changes needed to be made

using the normal skyrim exe also works

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