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I've been comparing my mod list to the recommendations made on this forum (I have most of the STEP recommended mods, but also some additional ones and a few alternatives that I personally prefer).  Anyway, after searching, I couldn't find any discussion of this mod...




It isn't a new mod, but I think it's a definite improvement over the existing textures and would be a great addition to STEP.

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Most of the textures in this pack are already covered by STEP (unless, of course, they come from SRO. In which case they won't be covered in the future. If that is the case disregard this post). When you say they are an improvement over the existing textures, do you mean the ones existing in vanilla or the ones in STEP?


I know this is a rather small request for a 32mb file, but do you have any screenshots comparing these to the ones included in STEP?


EDIT: It seems my question was answered while I was asking it. Although I'm still curious to see how they compare to SRO's textures, it won't matter too much in the near future as most - if not all - of us will be moving on from SRO.

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What is the best way to search for mods that were included in previous versions of STEP?

Unfortunately there is no good way to for previous versions, you pretty much have to do it manually.  We just built a system on the Wiki to do this, but none of us has the time to go through and make the legacy pages.  If anyone's up for it I'd be glad to give you editing access and show you how :)


EDIT: You might be able to get some info from the Changelogs; they're presented a little bit better than the PDFs.

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