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Tree Texture Oddities



I know I've seen this somewhere before, but I wasn't able to figure out the magical combination of search terms to lead me to it. My trees are apparently rebelling like a teenage girl with hair dye.




I'm pretty sure it's related to either SFO or Trees HD, though I haven't managed to narrow it to either one just yet. I do know it was something I saw before, but simply can't recall what or where  the problem lay. If any of you remember this, could you give a guy a quick poke in the right direction?


For reference: I'm using the most recent version of SFO, and the STEP recommended Trees HD. Of course, if it's a completely different mod altogether, those don't matter, but hey... trying here. :)

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Already looked for those, and I either deleted them outright when I installed, or they weren't there. However, in rechecking, I did miss the other texture... the comp3 texture was still active. That appears to have taken care of it. Should the normal be removed as well, or left in place, as a separate question. Also, thanks for the quick reply, Tech.

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