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Not sure if this belongs in the step sub forum.  Anyhif ow this is my first post and i'm wondering about a group of mods that have appeared under the same grouping that are not from the same mod page on nexus.  One is interesting npc's and another has to do with royal vampire bloodline perks.  Also, at one point my skse scripts mod appeared in this group, though when i reinstalled it shows up as it's own line.  My cleaned dlc have also appeared in that group.

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Thank you very much that worked.  I don't recall changing the filter but the change worked.  


Is there a generally recognized load order?  From the old days I recall (playing morrowind) adding gameplay overhauls, character tweaks, quests then patches.  


Also, gopher talked about cleaning files but did not go over cleaning dlc content.  Do I understand correctly that i should clean then uncheck each dlc within steam?  I've used the stepwiki as a guide so have cleaned versions of each (dragonborn didn't match so i think that needs to be re-downloaded then cleaned first).  just not sure how to deal with each unmanaged mod

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