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MO deletes and uninstalls all mods after closing, please help



Every time I close MO and re open it, all my mods are gone and uninstalled from the game and I need to redownload EVERYTHING over and over again. MO doesn't save profiles or anything and I REALLY need help with this because needing to reinstall every mod over and over again is agony. Someone please help?

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Welcome to STEP @ZarosZeitgeist


You haven't specified which version of MO so I'll assume 1.3.11, but truthfully even if it is MO2 the answer will still be applicable.


To be blunt MO doesn't have the code in it to delete files in the manner in which you describe. All actions that result in removing files whilst inside the MO UI are initiated by the user and ALL of them use the builtin OS level file actions such as delete/move/copy. To put this another way: MO is not touching your files.


The most likely scenario is your AV packages, or some other software, is interfering with the actions MO takes and views those files as needing to be removed or quarantined. Disable your AV or set up an exemption for MO to allow it free reign on your system.


If you do not believe your AV or firewall or anything else is causing this please post your ModOrganizer.INI so we can examine how you have MO setup.

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