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STEP CORE:CTD while spamming esc,potential bug?





I can reproduce this ctd by spamming the esc button. I figure the problem might be from the mod Come together N Out of the Way (it is a CORE mod). After disabling this mod, everything seems to be okay.


FYI, to reproduce this ctd, I either spammed the esc button or jumped while pressing the esc. Jumping while esc always leads to CTD. Spamming sometimes does the job. Anyone solutions?


PS: I have followed the CORE guide step by step and I have a mega high end rig. So hardware is rarely the issue. Second, I tested this CTD in a pure CORE environment.

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So why would you spam the ESC button? You do know that if you hit the Alt-F4 button, you will CTD every time too. I don't see how this would be a problem.

First of all, it occurs when I jump while pressing esc.

Second, by spamming I really means just hitting esc twice very quickly. I don't know about you guys, I often double hitting keys.

Anyway, I got it solved just by uninstalling this mod.

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