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Help required - xEdit showing errors in many core mods


Good afternoon all.  I am putting this up as a fresh forum post in the hope that some far more experienced than me can point me in the right direction.


I have an enormous build based off SR:LE and SR:LE Extended which for the past two months I have been adding to.  Unmerged it contains a total of just short of 580 plugins.  My load order now contains 49 merges which reduce the load order before bashed patch/DynDOLOD/DSR/ASIS to 246 (excluding the lvl list patches which bashed patch will remove). Every one of the merges has been individually CR'd, all scripts contained in merged mods checked to ensure there are no 'GetFormIDFromFile' calls on .esp files being merged and so on.  This has been an exhaustive process and I am pretty confident that the merges are all good and are not the cause of these errors.


None of the plugins showing below as containing errors relies on anything in any of the merges, and I have been very careful not to include in the merges any masters unless all dependents are also contained within the same merge.  So I can also pretty confidently say that none of the errors are being caused by renumbering of any of the IDs within the merges. 


So having got the load order to within the limit and updated everything which needed it I am about to embark on the CR for the full build.  I am intending to run through everything in the SR:LE CR followed by the SR:LEX CR and then go through each of the non-core/extended plugins and CR them (all of this into one CR plugin).  In preparation for starting this I reran LOOT on last time an decided to load everything up into xEdit and do some final housekeeping.  With the entire build loaded I selected everything and ran 'Check for Errors' and that's when the SHTF!  xEdit returned errors in a total of 39 plugins, only two of which are minor issues in two of my merges.  Many of the other plugins are core mods.  These are the plugins showing errors:


Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp
Cutting Room Floor.esp
Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp
Civil War Overhaul.esp
Helgen Reborn.esp
Skyrim Unbound.esp
Hebrock_Der Schatten von Meresis - EV.esp
The Haven From The Cold And Dark.esp
Dynamic Dialogue Followers.esp
Snowbound Acres.esp
Dragon Combat Overhaul.esp
CACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.esp
It should be noted that none of these plugins have been tampered with, they are exactly as they were when I downloaded and installed them through MO.
I have uploaded the xEdit errors to pastebin here
I am looking for any advice or words of wisdom you can offer as to how best to go about addressing these errors, which if any of them can be ignored, whether there are any general rules about how to go about fixing each of the different types of error.
I will upload my mod list and load order to ModWatch this evening.
Many thanks for taking the time to read and I hope someone out there can help!
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So perhaps I didn't ask any clear questions here, or people just missed it.


I'd really love to know why xEdit would report an error in Sacrosanct when (at least as far as I can tell - which is admittedly not that far) all it's doing is over-writing a vanilla quest with it's own changes?


Is checking the entire LO for errors at once not recommended?  The same errors seem to show up when I check the individual mods, so I'm guessing that's not it.


Is there an issue with the navmesh conflicts between USLEEP, ICAIO and 3DNPC?


Is this at all something to be concerned with / might these errors explain the crashes I was experiencing?  I've done a complete manual CR for my LO and spent quite a while doing it, examining every conflicted record one by one and even researching things I didn't understand when possible...

I'm really fairly certain I've done things correctly, and my game just runs incredibly smooth, yet on two separate playthroughs - both times right around level 20-27 ish, I wind up running into this wall where my game will begin to crash... not on EVERY savegame or door, but just about.  Both times cycled back through saves to no avail.


I feel like - those errors must mean something is up, but I just have no idea how to begin to understand what that might be.  As I said I've chased down a a couple references tossed up in those messages and haven't found much (at least so far).


Any advice here would be appreciated.

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