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"out of memory"



I've been playing using this guide for well over 50 hours now. I did not have any other problems. I haven't messed with my mods since starting a new game. I have followed this guide at roughly 95%. 


Recently I have been getting crashes when entering a new zone. The crash says "out of memory". It is getting more and more frequent. I have loaded up a save from well before, and there appear to be no crashes.


As and aside, On the doctors, the cyber-ware option was leading to a crash when installing a new piece of cyber-ware. Interestingly when loading up an earlier save with the same configuration, cyber-ware worked just fine. I tried the New Vegas save cleaner on nexus, and after configuring it to work with mod organizer, it fixed the cyber-ware, but not the out of memory issues. I've also tried reducing my total amount of save files from 1000 to 100, but that doesn't seem to help...


I really believe it is save file corruption or bloating, I still have the dead bodies in Good Springs after saving Ringo, and I am a completionist and have already met Mr. House. Is there some way I can fix this?

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