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Prospector's Saloon issues after Clearn FLINV

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Hey, so I just finished my clean install of fear and loathing in new vegas and I'm having these errors in prospector's saloon.

Getting a couple errors near the bar and a couple by the terminal. Trudy and Joe Cobb are also nowhere to be found.

Pretty annoying. I'd like to get these issues out of the way so I can enjoy all the work I put in modding this thing.

Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks a bunch!

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Hey man. I followed the advice you gave that other dude and it worked. All those annoying texture errors are gone. That is awesome thank you!!

Still worried about Trudy though. You know about any reasons why she would be MIA?


Side note: Not sure what the deal with this is now but for some reason some of my sounds are not playing. Such as the little sounds the pip boy makes when scrolling through your items or using the buttons on the bottom. I have no idea how scotch bottles would ever effect that. Any input?


You are awesome man thanks.

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That's another missing mesh (missing textures go purple instead). Can you manage to click exactly on the mesh (dead right center of the exclamation mark - I would think) with the console open and find out what it is? It probably has a name, like the "Scotch" did for the user in the other thread. Make sure you don't click the bush though, and if it doesn't have a name just jot down the FormID (8 numbers/letters like 123B5C78).

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You were right, It was that mod. I had to get an older version off of moddb since he hid the newer file. I didn't realize we were talking about a gnome. Anyway it seems to have had some adverse effects with the advanced recon mods.  DDB6B275F11C27ED91C3DCD5FF0D77800E66F3753B73A418419F66200F53BF40137B26099F21C326This seemed to be working fine before. I have no idea why one mod would do this to another here.

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It is also worth noting that I have installed Interiorsproject room with a view for the first time as well (since it was nowhere to be found before). Though I am beginning to doubt a correlation. I swear it was working fine before and everything!!

And yes I did remember to put the new downloads in the correct place according to the guide.

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