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FONV Video Project : Modders Needed



-Original main post beneath the dotted line




Lucky Losers


A short film/showcase, 10 minutes in length, exhibiting the happenings that brought about the demise of Nipton.


-Scene 1: (a mod already exists). I’m thinking about doing a brief “pre war†look over nipton and New Vegas in general. Really short while the credits go on screen. Then some old radio/news loops about nuclear war and panning into a tv that is showing old news reels and the atomic bombs explodes on the tv by the time its fully zoomed in. “Lucker Losers†title nice somewhere.


-Scene 2: Nipton just before the Powder Gangers come in. (no indoor shots, just a few outdoor) Kids playing at the trailer park, the mayor standing on the steps of the town hall and the powder gangers walking in. Would be nice if I could get a shot of a powder ganger pointing at Nipton in the distance to one of his buddies. Mayor in his office sitting down with a powder ganger, explosives on the table with a gun and maybe some caps. A little scene striking a deal between the powder gangers and the mayor.


-Scene 3: (Fully modded, pre Legion. Mono is working on this). Powder Gangers gambling in the town hall. Prostitution going on ( a single room with a woman laying on the bed staring towards the door and a line of powder gangers out the door  in different positions standing against the wall, leaning over, bored, waiting “their turnâ€... fading to scene where the head mistress is in her room sitting at a table counting her caps with a clipboard and a pistol next to it (this could actually be the same room set up differently. The way that I pan the video would be good. If the prostitues door could be closed that be great so I can pull the camera through the keyhole to where the guys are standing outside. This will also allow for you to choose any wall that you want to set powder gangers up outside of it as I can do some camera magic. They don’t actually need to be standing outside of the same door as the room that the woman is in). Powder Gangers buying chems in the drugstore. Powder gangers harrassing the towns people outside and the kids no longer playing at the trailer park.


-Scene 4: Legion on the mountain side looking at Nipton with bincoculars. One pointing at the town. War dogs, good 10 to 20 legionaries. Legion standing at the town hall steps after walking in slowly up the center of town. The mayor meets the head legion guy with the dog headdress. THey go inside together and sit in the same office that the mayor had once sat with the powder ganger leader in. A lot of caps put on the table. If the mayor is able to “smile†that would be perfect. The legion always with a blank stare. Not sure if there are animation mods that could do the smile. Legion walks away in the distance with a couple of powder gangers sitting around looking at them as they walk away (camera angle will be behind the powder gangers head)


-Scene 5: More gambling. More chem buying. Mayor alone in office counting money. Different prostitute, young girl if possible (needs to look bad, but nothing nude.. You want to be disturbed by how the town is being run)... and the mayor is then standing next to his window looking out and you see the legion in the distance (i can mask around windows so there is no need for them to be transparent). Legion with like 50 people or whatever doens’t crash the game lol. Mayors hand extended to the floor and caps all around him as if he just dropped them.


-Scene 6: Legion is killing powder gangers while rounding them up and the towns people. Show the legion in the town, in the town hall, in the trailer park homes, in the drug store. (they can fight as I could freeze time and get the shot sthat I need. I would just have to do it a few times over to get the right ones).


-Scene 7: Towns people and powder gangers are in a group outside in the center of town while crosses are being nailed together on the ground behind the legion leader talking (very nonchalantly … like putting the crosses together is no big deal). Another scene where Legion leaders hand is up with a ticket in it. (I can pull off some movie magic stuff if we can’t get a ticket in the hand but his arm would have to be raised)


-Scene 8: someone tries to run and is shot. If there is anyway to simulate panic/crying, but still staying in the group it would be great. Legion still very calm, still working on crosses. A box is set down next to the legion leader and this will have the loterry tickets in it. It would be nice to see tickets in different colored hands, different ages. I can do video of just the tickets in different peoples hands (no faces needed, just outside and the same lighting).


-Scene 9: some people being beaten to death 1 by 1. The black powder ganger that is in the drug store having his legs broken with a sledge hammer. And then finally people starting to be nailed to the crosses still laying on the ground.


-scene 10: the fires start: Some crosses are already erect and people are hanging. Other crosses are up at an angle (can be still/frozen manikin like characters)  pushing the crosses up (or looking like they are pushing them up, again, still images/models are fine). The fires get bigger (different esp’s if needed, and as many that are needed is fine throughout the entire process. I can just switch back and forth, load a different plugin, get the shot, load the next one, so on).


-Scene 11: Beheading of the mayor with the people on the crosses in the background. A few more beheadings (again, can be still shots. Machete in Legion hand, people being put down on some form of chopping block or chair, or whatever looks good). Then some close ups of legion members holding a head in their hand and a few different heads on spikes around the town hall


-Scene 12: some of the legion members walk away with the town  blazing on fire while the other legion members are gathering around the town hall.


-Scene 13: final scene… Nipton is scene from a pair of binoculars in the distance. Ranger Ghost from the NCR outpost (is there a way to make her look through her binoculars?) .. and this is where the courier first heras about nipton… movie over


Please ask questions. Any and all about specific things. Its too much to type for every little piece but I will answer anything. You can also email me if its too much here GamerPoetsNews@gmail.com




I am on task to create a 10 minute video titled "Lucky Losers". This video will be a showcase/short film like episode about Nipton. It will show how Nipton was being operated before the Legion came into the picture, a short scene of the "Pact" between the Legion and Nipton's Mayor , to the Legion marching in and the entire Lucky Loser scenario (homes being burnt, people being put on crosses, so on) finally ending just before the Courier arrives. 


This video (and others like it) will be created to work alongside my future (this Fall hopefully) Lets Roleplay New Vegas series. 


MonoAccipiter is already working on some of the modding that needs to be accomplished. This does not need to be a large/polished mod, in fact its going to be a large number of small, polished visually for the camera set of mods. Mono suggested that I reach out to folks so I thought why not do so here on STEP and see if anyone is interested. If anyone is I will post a set of bullet points with explanations as to what needs to be done. The goal is to have this video finished by September (earlier if possible) but whenever it's able to be created with all of the mods established. If you are interested let me know =) We could use all of the help we can get. Since I am very new to mod creation and have a rough overview of it all but not a lot of experience I am going to leave it up to Mono as to what the best work flow would be concerning the mod creation part of the project. We don't need 100's of people but a few would really help out. 


Everyone will be credited on screen. If you have links that you would like to have in the video description it will be done as well. 

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That would be cool =) I will get a proper check list of all that is being done tomorrow so you can see it. I have no experience with the New Vegas creation kit only a little with Skyrim and FO4 but I assume that at least a few of the tasks aren't as difficult as they may be tedious. But again, things don't have to be created for a "perfect mod" just created in a way that allows me to get camera angles so things appear to be perfect. 


I'll post the "checklist" here tomorrow after I wake up get it together. I will let Mono know as well =)


Thank you

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I am working on a restored version of Nipton to showcase the habitual activities during the time leading up to the raid. Given the shabby state of most New Vegas towns (Freeside's weary ruins, Goodsprings' nailed shut windows et cetera) it will only be tidied up to the extent you could expect from a Fallout settlement. It will include some kind of casino and hotel, as well as the scenes GP has suggested to me earlier.

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Just when you are doing the casino part I think slot machines would be good (a few of them) but casino gambling tables may feel as being a bit "too much". If its possible to have cards on a regular table and even a roulette wheels on a regular table it would help add to the "under ground" atmosphere. More like illegally playing poker at some back room place as apposed to going to an actual casino. You still see slot machines in some of these real life places (don't ask me why I know this lol) but usually only a few. I will still get the bullet points up today before I retire for the evening it's just going to be a few hours until I finish doing everything I need to do for the day.


... definitely need a couple of bouncers and perhaps a man/woman that regulates the ladies... they could just stand at a door with a weapon and perhaps the "ladies" boss could be sitting at a small table with caps any a clip board or something 

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Probably went in Blackjack and Caravan then, but remember, there is no such thing as illegal gambling in post-apocalyptic Nevada. Perhaps in New Vegas itself, but not all the way out in Nipton. Not sure if I can get a roulette wheel on a regular table, it really depends on how the mesh is structured, but I can take a look when I come home. Might be able to fix it in 3DS Max like I did with the Spice of Life helmets for my equipment pack.

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I know = ) I was just using that as an example to get across what I was trying to say. Sounds good on all fronts. If you can't do the roulete wheel don't kill yourself trying to make... add a casino roulette table somewhere out of the way and I can just get a shot of the roulette wheel without the table in camera (we don't want all shots like that but one here and there won't hurt anything). And some shots may end up being only a few seconds or multiple cut scenes that each only span a few seconds so again, no need for things to be perfect. I would like to try and get some "open room" shots to show everything all at once. But even a single casino table with the cards on regular tables wouldn't be bad imo. It would just look like they scavenged and found a single roullete table from a casino that they could use.


I think we are on the same page with how it should look "kept up" but still a bit run down. Every corner of the place can't get in the video so its ok to leave a room here and there completely untouched. It just needs to look complete from a video standpoint = )


I'm thinking some shots going down the hallsways, up the stair cases would be cool... I also think some subtle lighting would be nice. Doesn't need to be fantastic but the simplest things can make for the best video moments. (Panning behind a lamp or through a key hole and slightly showing whats going on the other side. I can edit key holes using masking techniques to actually "look through them" even for new vegas and underlay as second video to appear as if you can see through one... just examples of potential shots). Maybe 2 fully put together rooms for the Mayor's house is really all thats needs with some "minor scenes" set up specifically for video takes.  For most rooms you could ignore certain walls or certain spaces all together and just focus on little sections to save time.


EDIT: all this to say that I trust your creativity =).. just giving ideas of certain things that could and perhaps should be in the video and how they will be/could be recorded.

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Some powder gangers and towns people using chems out by the trailer park would be a good small bit of footage as well. Feel free to bring your own ideas to me and let me know your thoughts and questions. I'm off to sleep.


Edit: Should also be a scene where the luck winner gets set free off to the deset. Maybe two legionaries seeing him off (if you can use the same npc winner as the game that would be great).


1. Winnter goes free

2. Runner up is crippled (guy in drug store)

3. 4. Become slaves (i think these were NCR troops that were crooked) ... so two troops having slaves collars put on them (kneeling?) and a coiuple of ncr outcasts would be nice to be seen throughout the video (only a couple though... mingling with powder gangers, 1 doing drugs with them, 1 in the line for the prostitute.. 1 or 2 gambling)


edit: Mayor gets burnt on a pile of tires not beheaded, but some need to be beheaded... I will elaborate on everything thoroughly in a video that I will upload tomorrow. 

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