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Manually downloaded mod file not detected by MO in download folder





I have a strange issue.  I have migrated over from NMM.  Since I did that, I was bringing in my downloaded mod files from NMM and placing them in the downloads folder.  at first everything was going fine and all I had to do was Query Info for MO to recognise the meta info.


But now, for some strange reason, whenever i download a new mod manually and place it in the folder, it is not detected.  I have to go to nexus and download it using the mo manager link which is fine but I would prefer not having to download mods I already have.  Some of them are huge and in my country, bandwidth is as important as toilet paper!


Is this normal behaviour?  Or is it maybe because when MO is associated with download links from Nexus and it wont recognise manually downloaded links because of the association?

Maybe I am clearly missing something


Any help is appreciated. thanks.




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I'm actually not positive if MO uses the meta data or the file name (or both) to find the mod page info. I would make sure the mod's filename has the standard formatting before querying info:


modName 1-2-1-NexusID-1-2-1


  • modName is the name of the mod, then space
  • 1-2-1 is the version of the mod where dots(.) are replaced with dashes(-). Then follow that with another dash.
  • NexusID is the numeric value for the mod which can be found in the URL. Then follow that with another dash.
  • 1-2-1 is the mod version again.
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Wow!  that was a quick reply.  thank you.


but I think you misunderstood.  Before, the file would be detected and all I had to do was right-click -> Query Info but now when I place a new "manually downloaded" file in the downloads directory, the file doesn't show up at all in MO.  So I don't even get the option to Query Info cause i dont see it there in the list.  Show hidden is also enabled just in case you were wondering.


i hope I was more explanatory now.

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No it didn't but I'm sitting here laughing profusely because I figured out what was wrong!   :blush:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


In my country we spell organiser with an S and not a Z.


International spelling is Z.


now I had noticed I had 2 folders of MO in my skyrim directory because I copied the folder out and back in and later I installed it again and well it got all funky!!


so the problem ended up being that i was working in the incorrect directory with an S and not a Z


My bad!!   Im going to hit my head against the wall for 5minutes!   be right back!    :turned:  :turned:

Edited by Wolvyreen
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