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Patchus Maximus



I'm not sure if it is the correct place to ask this but forgive me if I'm wrong.


My patchus maximus is 50mb big and with patchus maximus.esp enabled in my load order (checked that) my skyrim will load longer than with it inactive.


When I enabled this the skyrim main menu will load longer, then when I press continue it will show the loading screen also longer. Is it because the size?


And maybe someone could give me solution to perkus maximus and it's patches, do I need to put them after patchus maximus? Or do I need to blocklist them?


Thank you.

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That's not an unusual size for a Patchus Maximus file. And it's hardly surprising that it would take longer to load.


With the patches, put them in the order that's suggested on the PaMa patches page. No point blocklisting them, that would defeat their purpose.

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