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DynDOLOD causes ILS on new game start



As per subject. STEP Extended installed to the T and after selecting New Game - I get an ILS on the Alduin loading screen. Disabling the 3 DynDOLOD mods (main one, Textures and Output) fixes the issue.


Any ideas what could be the problem...? Thanks!

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Hmm...my first thought would be an incorrect SKSE setup. I had the exact same thing happen a while back, although I did not bother tracking it down to DynDOLOD, or any specific mod. My issue ended up being that I did not create a new "SKSE" folder to put skse.ini inside.


Double check the STEP instructions for SKSE. I believe there is a picture representing how it should look from the filetree tab in MO.


You can also check with Memory Blocks Log...if the log only shows that you have 256MB available for the first block (which is the vanilla amount), then that will confirm SKSE is not set up right. With a value of 768 in the skse.ini, MBL will show 512.

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