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A Problem with Revamped Alchemy Lab HD

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The mod linked on the guide for SR:LE is pretty much dead. The files for that mod have been carried over to this mod right here called Revamped Assets Skyrim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75380/?


To make matters a little worse, there's no option to choose ONLY the alchemy lab. While there is an option to do a custom install thanks to the fomod, the only way to get the alchemy lab meshes is to install new meshes and textures for the enchanting station as well, which may end up make the Enchanting Candle Meshes mod completely moot.


Sorry to bother you about it, but I'm installing SR:LE for the first time, so I was caught off guard by this little obstacle. You may want to update the link of the mod, and perhaps suggest deleting the files that alter the enchanting table in the same way the candle mesh mod does. Just a heads up

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