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Many downloads stop before finishing - need help





I'm having a issue with MO that have started to annoy me a little.

I have enabled MO to log into nexus so I can use the "download with manager" function.

Most of the time it work great, but many downloads stop before finishing.


It just seem to "freeze" at a certain percentage of the download and I dont understand why.

To complete the download I have to pause the downloads, exit MO, restart and resume the downloads.

Pausing and resuming without restart dont work.


It seem to mostly happen when I download large files and more than one file, but it happen also with only one file.


Is this normal, and if not, what can I do about it?

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I have this problem, but it is Nexus connection problem, not MO. NMM has this problem as well by the way.

Thanks for quick reply. Ok, I see, not much to do about that I guess. Hopefully nexus will find a solution.

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