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saving modorganizer ?

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i am currently enjoying playing skyrim with SRLE  + extended .


that said  the complete skyrim folder is currently taking up 90 GB of space on my SSD.


to make space and also to save future downloading   all mods again , i wanted to ask :


Is it possible to  Store the entire  MO folder  on an external hardrive and later when the drive to replay SK again is there   to simply put the MO folder back and have everything work ? 

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I've not tried this with the whole MO folder but I have backed up and transfered my Mods folder and profile folder from my SSD to another drive on my machine and installed a second verison on MO. and got Extended to run of this second version of MO no issues. so i basically now have a version i can play and a version i can keep the SRLE Extende guide up to date without breaking my save.

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