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Question about MMM





The Guide doesn't mention anything regarding the optional MMM modules so I'm not sure if they were left out on purpose or forgotten. I'm talking about these:


Mart's Mutant Mod - Dynamic Player Scaling.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Feral Ghoul Rampage.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Hunting & Looting.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Increased Increased Spawns.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Increased Spawns.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Abominable Mutants.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Corpse Flies.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No DLC Increased Spawns.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Floaters.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Geckos.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Ghoul Raise.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Iguanas.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Size Scaling.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Skeleton Decay.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Stalker Creatures.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Wanamingos.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Reduced Wasteland Spawns.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Soft Unleveler Hardcore.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Soft Unleveler.esp



I understand what they do, they're similar to the ones provided for Oblivion and I'm aware of the risks of using them.


What I don't know is if anyone played with them before along with the other mods from the Guide, especially in conjunction with FWE, and I'm specifically interested in these four:


- Mart's Mutant Mod - Soft Unleveler.esp   OR

- Mart's Mutant Mod - Dynamic Player Scaling.esp

- Mart's Mutant Mod - Feral Ghoul Rampage.esp


- Mart's Mutant Mod - Hunting & Looting.esp


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I have never used or tested any of the optional MMM Alternative Configuration plugins in the RC61 file. I'd suggest looking at them in FO3Edit along with the rest of the mods you use since I expect there may be conflicts with mods like FWE at least for leveling and scaling changes. While the main MMM plugin has been regularly updated, those plugins predate the most recent update to FWE.


One of the most difficult aspects of mod guides is game balance, especially since users want different levels of difficulty and AI intelligence. This is preferably done without simply adding damage and armor advantages to NPCs (which is all the game's difficulty setting changes) since this makes the game unrealistic (e.g., a weapon should ideally cause the same damage whether used by the player or an NPC). Without looking in some detail as these plugins I don't know how they affect balance. Certainly MMM itself (the main plugin) is one of the best across Bethesda games at increasing difficulty by improving NPC AI vs. using Player/NPC weapon/armor/stat imbalance.

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Hey Gazda,


I believe the optional modules are not necessary if the Paradox Ignition MMM merge or "Mart's Mutant Mod - Master Menu Module.esp" is loaded. The Master Menu Module allows these options to be configured in the pip-boy instead of having to use the individual esp's. The Paradox merge includes the Master Menu Module.

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The guide will be revised to add a note about this since it isn't obvious and isn't discussed on the Nexus page for the mod. As mentioned in the previous post, the capabilities that were originally in separate optional plugins are now available for configuration using the Pipboy menu for MMM (look under Apparel) provided by the Master Menu plugin which is part of the Paradox Ignition Merged MMM plugin used by the guide. The separate plugins aren't needed.


The Tougher Traders plugin capability isn't available in the Pipboy MMM menu, but the UF3P - Exotic Caravans mod in the guide has even more extensive protection for the traders, so the MMM Tougher Traders plugin is no longer needed.

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