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Crash to desktop only when crafting!



Before I begin with my issue, I would just like to ask you to be nice and not to have a grumpy attitude. This is because I suffer from being hypersensitive. And the slightest embarrassment can give me anxiety for a year, litterally. I even hesitated to start a new thread because of other people (on other forums) who have patronized me and as a result gave me anxiety for a really long time. Just a heads-up! :;):



Actual issue:

So, I re-installed Skyrim on a clean install of Windows 10 a while back. I downloaded MO and installed all of my must-have mods, but after a short while I noticed that my game crashed everytime I tried to improve items at the grindstone or workbench. At first I was too lazy to do anything about it. But today I decided to find out what was going on, so I unistalled all of my mods and re-installed them one by one, and later found out that when I only had USLEEP, UHRP and SkyUI installed, my game started crashing again. And if I unistalled SkyUI again the crashes stopped. The crashes can occur anywhere in the game, and sometimes it crashes when improving 1 item, other times 2-5 items. I can easily recreate the problem, just re-install SkyUI. Loadorder doesn't matter since the only mods I have installed are USLEEP (.esm), UHRP (dummy), and the culprit .esp (SkyUI). And finally there are no conflicts with SkyUI so the mod list doesn't do anything. :confused:


Also, the only INI tweak I have is the shadow tweak, btw.




Intel Core i5-3570K

EVGA GeForce GTX 660

550 W

Windows 10 (x64)


As you can imagine, I need help!  ::):

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Possibly like this, but I was think more along the lines of third-party applications that add overlays into the game like TeamSpeak, Radeon Pro, etc.

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