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SRLE (manual mod) translation to native language

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I am trying to install the whole SRLE:Extended package in my mother tongue, as it feels more immersive with German strings. On the other hand, language switches audio-wise are not that important to me, as it simply could be a foreign npc's language ... ::P:  


So, why have I started this thread? Well, I want to know if there is a better way then the one I choose for the SRLE base - Which is with each mod:

  1. Check if a mod translation is available on nexus ...
  2. Compare the english mod from the guide with the translated one via ESM-ESP Translator
  3. a) Either use the translated mod or copy the translated strings to the original english mod + translate the missing lines
    b) load the English/German Database to automatically translate the most parts + translate the missing lines


The problems I have with this method are:

  • The translation changes along added mods drastically (e.g. even better quest objectives, my own thoughts, ...), but I can only translate within the border of one mod (esm/esp). The chance that I missed some critical changes for translations are very high. The results are multiple wordings for individual items, which leads to duplicates in the inventory. This happended to me a lot in the past, as I skipped translation completly!
  • Line paragraphs within a string break the copy/paste method completely :( If the original and translated mod do not match (same number if included strings) I usually use excel for comparision. 
  • Only the last loaded translation file from other mods (xml format) is considered as translation. But what if I want to translate the weapons of mod X with strings from mod Y and the armors of mod X with the strings of mod Z?? Is there a way to add updated single strings to the database?
  • Some strings don't work as intended: e.g. I had to forward the races description strings to the CR.esp, even with german strings in the Alternate Start - LAL.esp near the bottom of the load order (MatureSkinComplexions.esp way up higher overwrites the races btw).


Ideas for easier translation (I haven't tried yet) - opinions please!:

  • "bashed" or tes5edit "merged" Patch that includes ALL records from ALL the mods! Basicly a bloated conflict resolution to translate ALL strings in one place/esp (time consuming and CTD-error prone)
  • build a BDD SRLE ENG/GER database.xml with all strings step by step along the SRLE:(e) guide (very time consuming)
  • Can a non-english Skyrim with english mods result in string based inconsistency (leveled lists for example)? Is it better to install the game in english and translate only at the very end?



comments and/or support is appreciated! :;):

cheers Maddin

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