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Ultimate HD Torch (by BuzzDee84)

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Discussion thread:

Ultimate HD Torch by BuzzDee84

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I think it has potential and looks better than 'Improved Torches Textures' IMO. More detailed.


It uses 2048x2048 textures.


Some screenshots:



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Not all textures have to go all out on resolution and detail, thus maintaining a good visual\performance balance. But items like the torch and weapons are in your face constantly, really close - so this is a damn fine addition to my mods list ^^

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interesting rework..... author needs to fix unmatching normal maps.there's still a problem with blue channel ....i sent a pm to help...we'll see some results pretty soon i guess

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I agree, it's must better than Improved Touches Texture. The optional looks more realistic too. However, I would like to see the author offer a 1024x1024 texture for the more performance savvy user.

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I use this along with the HD fire spells retexture, it works fine, no issues with throwing torches, hotkey torches or droplittorches; no fps drop. I recommend this mod.



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