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wrong version number warnings



(I did a search on this and came up completely empty.)


It is quite annyoing how Mod Organizer believes to know whether one or another mod is up to date, and displays those warning signs which are impossible to get rid of.


That leaves me with three options, none of which is entirely satisfactory:

a) undisplay the Version column – which prevents me from keeping track of which version of which mod I have;

b) set the version number manually to what Mod Organizer believes the newest version to be – preventing me from seeing the correct information about version numbers;

c) do nothing – that is, endure completely unnecessary warning icons, which are cluttering the view, thus increasing the chance of overlooking warnings that actually need attention.


As is known to everyone with some experience at modding, there are many optional file packs and addons which are installed as separate mods but have a version number different from the mod they belong to. They are not outdated, they are simply numbered differently from the main archive. Mod Organizer is not able to recognize that. It won't even let me delete the Nexus ID.


To sum up: Mod Organizer's "not up to date" warnings are (almost) always wrong.


Even if Mod Organizer would be able to recognize an add-on's outdatedness correctly, there would still be no justification for displaying those undeletable warnings. I ought to have the OPPORTUNITY to let Mod Organizer check for the availability of newer versions, but Mod Organizer has no business PUSHING mod updates on me. Especially when those don't even exist.

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There is a super-secret option 4, which might suit your needs :)


Right click on the offending version number in red and select the "Ignore" option. This changes the color from red back to white. That's what I do.


I hope that's what you were talking about. If it's something different, my apologies.

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