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Strange Crashing on Windows 10



TL/DR Version:
If you're using Win10, and your skyrim, even Vanilla, is crashing from 10/20 minutes or so, without any sort of explanation, try killing the proces TabTip.exe and TabTip32.exe on your taskmanager, for some reason for me and some ppl on steam forums, this process is crashing a lot of games.

Long Version:

Hail everyone!
Been a long time since i've been here, and now i'm coming to you with a strange bug that i have recently found and lost so many battles against.
Strangely, for some reason, after following the STEP guide, i've found myself crashing, every 10/20 minutes.
I even tested, using Live Another Life, to only start a game and not move from the cell, and even then 10/20 minutes the crash stood on.
After a week of frustration and stress, i've decided to go vanilla from zero, and test mod by mod, to see the culprid of the crashs.
And for my surprise, the vanilla game, using only ULSP and UHRSP and Live Another Life (Using it to bypass the boring starting) had the same crashs, after 10/20 minutes the game would crash with no signal of the problem on the Papyrus Log.
Then, tested again, using only ULSP and UHRSP, same thing.
Then, i've gonne full Vanilla, and again the 10/20 minutes crash stood still.
But for my luck, i've found on Steam, someone with the same problems that me.
Apparently, something on the TabTip.exe (touch keyboard and handwriting panel service) on Win 10 is conflicting with Skyrim(Mine, and some other ppl around steam forums)

I've tried ending the process, and that made it! 
It's been almost a Hour and the Vanilla game didn't crash once.
Well, i've searched on the STEP Forum, and haven't found no one talking about it, so i create this post, so if someone here, is having the same crashs as i am, know that the TabTip.exe/TabTip32.exe/touch keyboard and handwriting panel service (You must kill the TabTip.exe on the Taskmanager to end it) were, strangely enough, the culprid of my constant crashs.

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Since those applications are specific to tablet PCs or those with touchscreens I'm not surprised that STEP has very few mentions of them. I'd hazard a guess there would be less than 1% of STEP users with a system like that for gaming.

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Well, my pc is a normal Desktop, only thing related to this service that i may have used, is that i have a digital table for painting and stuff.
Btw, a little update, it really was that service, i've let skyrim open over night to test it, and yeah, still working on the morning =P

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