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New BETAS Tab in New Vegas

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Hello everyone! 


Here's something interesting. I know this game like the back of my hand and yesterday when I was in the properties windows of the game through steam there were five tabs to choose from: General, Updates, Local Files, Language, and DLC. Today, when I went into the properties to change the Steam Community to enabled I noticedsixth tab labeled BETAS. I did a quick Google search but came up empty. I of course have no code to check if there is an actual Private Beta happening, but it peaked my interest. As for the past 3+ years there has been no BETAS tab. I looked at all the other games published by Bethesda that I own (Skyrim, FO3, Oblivion) and no other game aside from FO4 had a BETAS tab. But that makes sense since FO4 is still being actively supported by the devs. But New Vegas is not (that I know of) so I was surprised. Maybe I am looking WAY too much into this. Still, it would be awesome if something was happening. What do you guys think?


Cheers, Audley


Update: I did some digging on the Steam Database and there was a Branch launched about 10 hours ago on the game nicknamed "purplerain". It is private so there is a password. 

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New DLC confirmed! ::P: Nah, apparently they edited an ID for the "Fallout New Vegas - Soundtrack (461160) Depot." I have no idea, but are they possible testing the removal of some licensed music? Maybe the license(s) ran out and they don't want to renew it?

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I think that the Soundtrack depot is literally just the soundtrack that you might eventually be able to download as like a DLC. Both New Vegas and Fallout 3 got soundtrack depots a little while ago, but nothing significant has really happened with them since people found them on SteamDB.

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