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Creating SKSE plugins? (Basic Setup)



I've looked around a little bit and haven't found a direct answer. With NVSE, to create a plugin you need to point the GECK to the nvse_loader.exe and add the -editor argument as well as download Powerup Geck mod (i may have the name backwards/off). 


In regards to skse and the creation kit, does a similar process have to be done? If there is I would like to add the basic setup to my final version of the SKSE Start to Finish video if anyone knows. I don't create mods so I have no clue.


EDIT: I understand a bit about the readme but it doesn't mention the -editor line or additional programs and I'd like to make sure that I get this right the last time through.

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I'll throw in my two pence until someone comes along with an authoritative answer.


As I understand it all you need to do is run the Creation Kit by itself. You don't need to run SKSE or have SKSE run Creation Kit at all. If you want to create a plugin that uses SKSE functions, all you need to do is extract the SKSE scripts folder on top of the scripts that are installed when the Creation Kit and Papyrus compiler is installed.


EDIT: With the later releases of the Creation Kit, the Papyrus scripts are store in Skyrim/Data/Scripts.rar and these need to be extracted to the Skyrim/Data/Scripts folder first before extracting the SKSE scripts.

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Thanks for the response Greg,


That's what I gathered from what I've read (and installing everything from skse right off the bat already puts those scripts where they need to be) so it sounds like you just need to install skse and everything is ready to go. (which is good because I can just leave that completely out of the video if that's case and save on time). 


EDIT: caught the edit. thanks =)

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