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For Anyone getting the White Screen of Death...

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.....since the last two Nvidia driver updates!!!


     Folks, the last two Nvidia driver updates have installed new Run-time Library Versions and called Vulkan which are supposed to be similar to OpenGL and Directx.  They are also evolved versions of AMD's Mantle API.


     As soon as these were installed on my system, I started getting White Screens and crashes when trying to run Skyrim.  At first I thought it was on my end and removed all of my over-clocks.  Still got a white screen.  I ran several hardware check programs which all said my system was operating normally.


     My next thought was that something in Skyrim got corrupted.  I backed up everything I added on; MO and the like,  uninstalled and reinstalled a complete Skyrim from scratch, after first attempting the validate files check in STEAM.  Still got white screen when attempting to start Skyim.


   So after two days of head scratching (and pointless work) I check my files in Control Panel and saw the two newly added files installed by the Nvidia Updates.  Google searches yielded answers to leave them alone and what they were.


     I removed them and rolled back my Nvidia Driver to version to 362.00.  Guess what?  I now have a working version of Skyrim.


I hope this helps someone!


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Something was broken on your install. 364.72 is fine with Skyrim.


Try doing a clean install of 364.72 instead of an express install and ensure the nvidia control panel options are at default values for Skyrim.

I never use express install.  All I need is the graphics driver and the physics one (which hasn't been updated in a long time).  I have no need for the other stuff.


I will try a reinstall of the latest and see if the problem returns.

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Ok, I did a reinstall of nVidia 364.72


     I started up Skyrim and it ran fine.  I checked Control Panel for installed mods.  There was Vulkan Run-Time Libraries.  However instead of both the earlier versions ( and there was only one, Version  Apparently one of those versions was faulty and they rolled back, or this is a complete new one.



Thank you for your input, I certainly don't want to put bad information out there.

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