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Dahaka's ENB isssues with certin objects



I have just installed Dahaka's ENB and like it very much, however I have spotted there are a few problems either which were intended or not. The objects in question are a main loading door in an interior e.g. in The Bee and Barb the door back into Riften has a white light emitting from the bottom of the door, every other door like this (a loading door) has the same problem. Secondly forge's lava/fire seem to have a very high brightness and are almost white. Lastly, I haven't seen this anywhere else but the river running through Riften the water is green, not a sea green a transparent green. If there are any fixes for this please reply. I know Dahaka isn't that popular of an ENB so might not have as much support as something like Realvision. But any help is useful. Thanks.


EDIT: I have now found out that it is most waters which are inside a loading screen so ones like in Riften will have it but water outside in Skyrim will not. Also it is most fires big or small like a campfire which are bright and all lanterns are purple. Thanks again.

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It is not so much a problem about support for specific presets, as it is a general problem. 

The door is most likely because ELFX or similar which create that effect. 


The lava forge is a preset issue since there are variables which affect that particular effect. You are most likely looking for fire and/or particle intensity. 


The water is texture and mod dependent. There is a mod that alters the water base colors to be more ENB freindly. Otherwise it is not the most difficult of mod to create yourself if you feel up for that sort of thing. (Believe it is called ENB water or something like that.)


purple lanterns is either because of a mod that alters the base colors, or because of bloom settings in the ENB which are a tad wrong, or a combination of the two. 


Hope that helps a little bit. 

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