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STEP Extended with SRLE questions (making a custom setup)



Okay so I went crazy.


I bought a Samsung m.2 950 Pro SSD recently and installed it, to use as my gaming hard-drive, so that I can have a truly proper STEP setup.  I know how to transfer my setup if I wanted to (did with FNV), but as I've been playing, reading, and so on, I've been adding mods, seeing other mods that interested me, and considering dropping a mod or two - essentially, thinking pretty hard about a revision.  So I decided to just do a complete clean install of Skyrim on my new drive, and attempt to incorporate all that I've learned in it.


After having thought about it for a while, and having really looked at SRLE and STEP, what I think I'd like to do is basically install STEP:Extended, but use Neo's Animation&Skeleton section, his sounds section (essentially just drop most of the STEP sounds), a good number of his textures that STEP isn't' currently using, and possibly his lighting as well - ELE with ELFX and (modified) Relighting Skyrim... and then Dreadflopps' packs + patches (Dovahkiin Reborn, Deleveled Loot, Gameplay Rebalance) and Survival pack by Smile44 and Hishutup.  There may be a couple different installer options I need to pick on either side, but those I can almost certainly determine on my own... otherwise it seems like as long as I install XPMSE instead of XMPS, that makes the major difference in the two animation sections.  Will Neovalen's Animation section conflict with STEP Extended Patch


My thought here is that the end result will be pretty damn close to SRLE though, making it potentially smarter to just use it instead?  The only reason I don't want to go that route is that it looks like a pretty heavy setup to me, and there are some choices he makes that I don't want.  I was definitely experiencing some small script lag already with my previous setup, and SRLE + what I would add to it is naturally heavier (though I could lighten the load probably if I wanted to)

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One area that will likely cause problems for you is the patches. Depending on the mod choices you use it might need be necessary to remove some of the records and associated masters from the STEP Extended patch and the SR Conflict Resolution patch using TES5Edit. I have a different set of mods that include STEP Extended and most of the SR:LE mods, and I needed to create a custom version of the SR Conflict Resolution patch. You might also need to be careful with your choices among script intensive mods; Skyrim has an internal limit on string count (as mentioned in the April 2016 State of STEP )

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hey thanks, 


I've been talking to Dreadflopp, as I'll be using almost all of his 3 packs, + Survival pack by smile44 and Hishutup, and he seems to have a very similar setup, but uses only the STEP Extended patch and then a merge of his own modular patches, I think this is the route I will take.  I'm aware of scripting limitations, and doing my best to reduce the number of script-intensive mods in my LO.

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