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SRLE: Immersive College of Winterhold

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Hi Im having problems with Immersive College of Winterhold, specifically with the scripts "CWITelescopeScript" & "CWISKIMCMScript"


The "CWITelescopeScript" I was able to fix by doing this: Chaniging Bool Tappable = False >> Bool Property Tappable Auto and Changing something in the .esp (forgot the name but pretty sure it was a typo cause it makes papyrus log errors) to Tappable.


The "CWISKIMCMScript" I can't seem to fix, there are 21 mismatch errors expecting a togglevalue and commenting out these 21 entries on the script removes the error:

;SetToggleOptionValue(SancWorldOption, SancWorldBool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(LustWorldOption, LustWorldBool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(ExceedOption, Exceedbool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(WardDifficultyOption, WardDifficultyBool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AutoDoorOption, AutoDoorBool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AutoLightOption, AutoLightBool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(RuinsQuestOption, RuinsQuestBool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(RuinsQuestOptionDummy, RuinsQuestBoolDummy)
;SetToggleOptionValue(ClockTickOption, ClockTickBool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(TeleGemOption, TeleGemBool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AMTOption, AMTbool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AMTOptionDummy, AMTboolDummy)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AMMOption, AMMbool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AMMOptionDummy, AMMboolDummy)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AutoContainersOption, Containerbool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AutoContainersOptionDummy, ContainerboolDummy)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AutoStationsOption, Stationbool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(AutoStationsOptionDummy, StationboolDummy)
;SetToggleOptionValue(QuestResetOption, Debugbool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(OldSancTeleOption, OldSancbool)
;SetToggleOptionValue(OldSancTeleOptionDummy, OldSancboolDummy) 

But as you've guessed it, more problems arose such as:

stack:[CWIMCMConfigQuest (1140F76E)].cwiskimcmscript.ClearOptionBuffers() - "SKI_ConfigBase.psc" Line 962
[CWIMCMConfigQuest (1140F76E)].cwiskimcmscript.CloseConfig() - "SKI_ConfigBase.psc" Line 841
[SKI_ConfigManagerInstance (1D000802)].SKI_ConfigManager.OnMenuClose() - "SKI_ConfigManager.psc" Line 124

You can try to reproduce the errors by loading the game with immersive college only and making sure papyrus debug log is on in the skyrim ini.


I'm doing a clean install of SRLE and ironing out bugs so I can play without too much ctd's, I already messaged the author of the mod but he was last seen 3months ago so I think the mod wont be updated anytime soon. Any help would be appreciated.

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