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Eye Mesh Strangeness

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A few caveats, off the bat:


First, I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum. If not, I apologize, and if someone can point me in the right direction, I'll straighten it out post haste. Second, I'm essentially re-posting a post I made last night over at the Nexus forums, in the hope that someone here may be able to offer some insight. You are, as a rule, a knowledgeable group of folks in your own right. Third, I apologize if this issue has already been addressed in another post somewhere on this forum. I've searched fairly extensively and haven't found anything specifically relating to the issue I'm about to post on, but that doesn't mean that it's not there, I suppose. 


All of that said, on to the meat of the matter.


I have recently been working on a mod involving eye meshes and textures, and in doing so, I took notice of a fairly major difference between the meshes for female and male eyes:










As you can see with the female mesh, in the area I've highlighted, the sections of the mesh that are supposed to be an eyelid shadow and the inner canthus, respectively, do not seem to render correctly. Looking at the male mesh, these areas do render as intended. I have looked at more than a few versions of the eyes meshes, all the various fixes, and they all seem to exhibit this characteristic. I believe that this defect (if that's indeed what it is) is leading to some wonky rendering in game, as I am layering multiple versions of the mesh atop each other (sort of like alpha-masked contact lenses, if you will).
I've attempted to pull the mesh into Blender and tinker with it there, but I'm still nowhere near as familiar or proficient with importing, working with, and exporting Skyrim meshes from Blender as I am with games prior to Skyrim.
I'm wondering if any of the resident mesh and model wizards around here could shed some light on why the meshes are behaving this way and if there's a fix available.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any help anyone may be able to offer!





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