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LAL starting room: torch produced no light



When I load a new game, and start in the Alternate Start - Live Another Life area, the torch on the wall is not casting any light.  Thus, the only way I can find the bed is to use my Flame to be able to find the bed to sleep.


I attached 3 files to show what I mean:

  • The first shows the massive shadows / lack of light from the torch
  • In the 2nd, Mara is barely visible next her candle
  • In the 3rd, Mara becomes visible when I rotate her more into view.

Do not know what I did to make this happen, as this has happened through both times I've installed SR:LE.


Any information would be most helpful.

Leaving this here for anyone else that comes upon this issue:

Pressing SHIFT+F12 will temporarily turn off ENB, and let you see in that room / during character creation.




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This is a common issue.  As near as I can tell, it has something to do with one of the lighting mods configuring itself, in relation to the ENB and being a first time start up.


Save your game, exit to desktop, and reload.  You *should* find the problem has gone away, as not only does the torch produce light, but the general lighting of the room should stabilize into what you'll normally see.  

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