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Found 22 results

  1. "This is a complete compilation of all my mods so far, as so many of you have requested, put into one FOMOD for easier selection and installation. Full credit and thanks goes to hishutup for his brilliant work on creating this installer for me, don't forget to give him kudos because without him this compilation would have been months and months down the line. I hope you enjoy all my work so far. MODS INCLUDED IN THE INSTALLER x256, x512, x1024, x2048 DOOR SOUL SPRAY DROPS MIST OIL ELECTRIFY RIPPLES STEAM ATMOSPHERE RAIN AURORA STARS SNOW LEAVES DANDELION SEEDS DUST WEBS extended" Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65959/?
  2. This thread is for discussion about the all-in-one mod installer. For discussion about the individual mods, please post in the adjacent mod topics. Mod Source: LITTLE THINGS by ramccoid and hishutup I hate the title but the mod is a compilation of every mod except Webs, because it has a successor. The installer took too long to write but here it is. It includes options for 256, 512, 1024, 2048 resolutions and pretty much every optional. DOOR SOUL SPRAY DROPS and drops V1 and V1 alt MIST OIL ELECTRIFY RIPPLES STEAM CLOUDS ATMOSPHERE RAIN AURORA STARS SNOW LEAVES DANDELION SEEDS DUST WEBS extended
  3. I would like to suggest this as a replacement for individual ramccoid mods.
  4. Mod Source: Steam by ramccoid This retextures the steam effects found in the volcanic regions and Dwemer ruins of Skyrim it also now effects the Dwemer robots.. It also retextures the churning water effects which appear beneath the billowing steam in the volcanic regions. I have redirected the textures in the meshes to use their own textures added by me, to make them compatible with water mods and to not interfere with any other meshes which use the same textures to achieve a different effect, as Bethesda likes to do a lot with the smoke textures. Which means, the new steam and churning water textures will only change these effects and nothing more. Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.
  5. Mod Source: Stars by ramccoid This mod retextures the stars and the galaxy nebula seen in the night skies of Skyrim. I was never satisfied with the look of the night sky so I decided to have a go at changing it to something a bit more pleasing to view and give a reason to actually look up and examine the sky a bit more. Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.
  6. Mod Source: Spray by ramccoid This retextures the spray effect when waves hit the shore and adds foam to the wave water. Dragon Born DLC is required, I don't know if it is needed when using W.A.T.E.R. or Realistic Water 2. I didn't like the vanilla effect of the water spray, I personally think it looks unreal and tacky and totally out of place compared to the surrounding environment. So I went about seeing if I could make them look more natural and this is the result I came up with. Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.
  7. Mod Source: Soul by ramccoid This retextures the effect which is displayed when you absorb a soul of a dragon. I've made the effect more colourful and with more soul streaks to make a change from the default one which isn't too bad anyway. Try this one if you just fancy seeing it in a different and more colourful way. Recommended to be used with the brilliant DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious for a better effect. Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.
  8. Mod Source: Rain by ramccoid his mod retextures the rain effect that appears during bad weather in Skyrim. It also adds a version with a ESP to give the 3 rain types their own textures. Heavy, medium and light rain. If using a weather mod load the ESP below it. I have tried to make the rain look less like the vanilla lines which they called rain. I have made them appear to be reactive with the environment by making them seem like they are reflecting light which they are not because they are a texture and shader effect and there are no meshes or normal maps involved. This is the best I can do because I do not know how to manipulate shaders. So I hope you enjoy the effect. Vanilla sizes for this effect are 512x128. This mod is available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.
  9. Mod Source: Oil by ramccoid I found the oil trap puddles to look bland and uninteresting, in fact quite a eye sore when using environmental retextures. I've introduced a new more oil looking moving swirl and I've made 3 types of replacers but you can only use one at a time. Vanilla colours with new swirl - this uses similar colours to vanilla with a new swirl effect.Vanilla colours and swirl - this uses similar colours to vanilla but keeps the default swirl effect.Oily water effect - this gives the rainbow colours effect to the oil as if it is floating upon water.Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.
  10. Mod Source: Mist by Ramccoid This replaces the textures of the ambient mist which I thought gave the impression of being a bit too sharp edged and almost solid, in the game, in certain places. Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.
  11. Mod Source: Electrify by Ramccoid This replaces the electric effects in the game, which are mostly spells. I thought that I would just have a go at trying to make the effects look more electrifying and spectacular. I have added more textures to achieve the desired effect and also keep them from interfering with non electric effects which require and rely on the base textures. If you use the brilliant "Lightning During Thunder Storms", the lightning strike effect will be replaced by this mod because it relies on the default texture. Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.
  12. Mod Source: Dust by Ramccoid This mod retextures the falling dust effects to look more like dust instead of smoke. I have also retextured the ambient floating dust particles you see in the air to look more real instead of looking like dots. I've edited the texture paths in the falling dust meshes so they use their own textures instead of sharing them with the smoke effects which vanilla tends to use for quite a number of visual effects. Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 texture sizes.
  13. Mod Source: Drops by Ramccoid Wiki Link Anthology Thread {Mod Author, please insert OP text}
  14. Mod Source: Door by Ramccoid {Mod Author, please insert OP text}
  15. Mod Source: Clouds by Ramccoid {Mod Author, please insert OP text}
  16. Mod Source: Aurora by Ramccoid {Mod Author, please insert OP text}
  17. Mod Source: Atmosphere by Ramccoid {Mod Author, please insert OP text}
  18. Mod Source: HD Mist by ramccoid {Mod Author, please insert OP text} OP originally by Adonis_VII: This mod upgrades the the blocky 256 mist texture to 1k or 2k resolutions. Works with both Fallout 3 and Fallout NV. I will try to convert his other assets where possible.
  19. Mod Source: SNOW by ramccoid Wiki Link {Mod Author, please insert OP text} Original OP (below) by Kuldebar If over a minute of unmodded is too much, skip to the modded snow at 1:12 in the video A mod for Skyrim which changes the blowing snow effects in the game. It looks impressive, I'm taking a look at the files involved right now. This is one of those mods that you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out. Compatibility with the ENB Particle Patch has been added by the author. I have elected to use the 512k version. UPDATE: I trekked up to High Hrothgar with SNOW (cool name, eh?) installed and have to say, I like it. The snow that gusts around is heavier now and more crystalline. I can better imagine the stinging of the ice crystals as the wind propels about. Now, some folks may not like coarse snow or snow that falls more rapidly as it blows over rocks and other obstructions...there's no accounting for taste and ENB's :)
  20. Mod Source: Ripples by Ramccoid {Mod Author, please insert OP text} OP originally by Fereval: The mod simply replaces 1 meshe and 4 water textures. No esp. It's basically a more pronounced/stronger ripple effect. -- Personal observations after testing : -The effect visibility vary a lot depending from the point of view of the camera in relation to the water surface, making it best compared in motion. -The effect is affected by ENBs, making the edge of the ripples stands out more or less depending on which settings your preset use. This becomes very noticeable if you look upclose with some presets (making it arguably worse), but the issue can also be seen with the original Realistic Water 2 textures, although in a less pronounced manner. Realistic Water 2 only : Realistic Water 2 + Ripples (x512 version : Vanilla and RW2 size) Shots are taken with a SR:LE performance build, alongside Viviand ENB - Vivid preset tweaked for performance. I quite like the effect, and I think it could compliment nicely some of the many heavier rain mod out there.
  21. Mod Source: Leaves by Ramccoid {Mod Author, please insert OP text} OP originally by DoubleYou:
  22. Mod Source: Dandelion Seeds by Ramccoid {Mod Author, please insert OP text}
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