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Found 38 results

  1. Is this something that I can ignore or should I make an attempt to resolve it?
  2. I was going through LOOT and doing some cleaning, and I came across a peculiar message involving 'FacegenForKids.esp', which is part of the Simple Children mod. I have an image below of this odd warning and wanted to ask if this is something I should go through editing in USSEP or is this something to just ignore?
  3. This is what I'm trying: <h5 style="color:rgb(60,150,200); font-size:1.1em; font-weight:600; text-decoration:underline;"><a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48195">boopity</a></h5>It shows up as this: I'm trying to style the header so I can't really use mediawiki markup (===== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48195 boopity] =====) Any thoughts?
  4. SOLVED: With the help from RoyBaatterian over on his nexus mod pags for Fallout |New Vegas 4GB Updated, this problem I was having has now been solved. It turns out that it was a problem with my video driver not correctly detecting the game, due to the different file name. I was instructed to download NVIDIA Inspector so I could add a profile for the FalloutMO.exe. After spending many hours trying to solve this, it turns out there was a simple solution. Thanks again to Roy and everyone else who tried helping me with this. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I have for Fallout New Vegas. I have MO, NVSE and FNV4gb Updated. I have set up the executables to run with MO, but there seems to be a problem when loading FNV4gb. I'm having a small graphical glitch when starting a new game, loading a previous save or using the console command "coc" from the Main Menu. This only seems to occur when I launch FNV4gb through Mod Organizer...it loads with NVSE and works perfectly outside of MO with no graphical/texture Issue. I have replicated this dozens of times now, so it's nothing relating to my mods (currently deactivated them while figuring out what was causing this issue). I have also re-set the ini's to their default state a few times to see if there was a rpoblem relating to them. I'm also using the -laaexe .\FalloutMO.exe argument for the FNV4gb executable within MO as a workaround for the fail to write to memory of child process error, if that is of any use. It's kind of hard to explain the graphical error I'm seeing, but it's always visual around the edges of some textures. I get a sort of shimmering white line / sometimes a weird "popping" or flash of white on some textures (mostly edges of buildings, roofs, wooden trailers,fences, etc) and the problem still persists even with NMC's textures which I thought was strange, as it's affecting both vanilla and modded textures. I'll upload screenshots when I get a chance. My system specs are as follows: GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 CPU - Intel Core i7-4820k @ 3.70GHz Memory - 32.00GB OS - Windows 8.1 I haven't been able to resolve this after hours of troubleshooting. If anyone has any information that could be of any help I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance. EDIT: It's fairly hard to see when stood still, but notice on the wooden trailer, in between the planks, there's some sort of weird "speckling".It's not that noticeable now, but when you move it is far more visible. (Middle & right images) (Left Image) There's also a strange small, white "flash" towards the right of the image that randomly pops up. EDIT 2: The Fourthphoto (forgive the extreme darkness) shows the wooden trailer. I loaded the game using NVSE only, through Mod Organizer with all my mods this time, and there are no issues. Added Fifth photo - Loaded FNV4GB through MO, with all mods. You can see "speckles" on the trailer...these glitches sparkle and pop a lot while walking/running. fallout.ini FalloutPrefs.ini initweaks.ini
  5. Hi there! I had a bit of trouble making an account - clicking "log in" at the top right of any wiki page leads to this page, which has a link to "register a forum account" that has 404'd. I'm not sure who would be in charge of fixing it, but I was directed to post the problem here!
  6. Just something I noticed today as I was properly marking some threads for testings. Some threads that are tagged are not showing in the results. For example: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/3813-amidianborn-imperial-forts-by-cabal/ (marked with the testing prefix) https://forum.step-project.com/tags/forums/testing/ (not showing up in results) I should mention that it was tagged with 'testing' in the Topic Tags. When I deleted that tag and added the proper Topic Prefix (testing), it disappeared from the results and as not shown back up. I've waited all day for this think it might be a forum cache issue and will resolve itself, but it was yet to do that. This has effect multiple mods that I added the correct prefix to today. I did see the option to rebuild the cache in the AP, but didn't want to touch that as I'm not positive the issue is the cache.
  7. I just figured I would note that I added the Fallout 4 prefix for use in the Mods and Packs forums.
  8. Has anyone else noticed that clicking Post (to post a new message) brings up the message "Saving post..." (or something to that effect), but it never completes posting the message? Just to be clear, the message is posted but the UI makes it seems as if it is hung.
  9. As my computer has been under repair for the last week, I have been using my smartphone to browse and post on the STEP forum. I've noticed an issue when searching Google for anything on the STEP forum. The Google links seem to add some "smartbanner" text and referrer text, which results in just displaying a blank page. The page loads, but nothing is there. Swiping down seems to reload the page, with no effect other than a brief animated circular arrow in blue to indicate it is reloading. This seems to occur only with Google search; Bing search and Yahoo search do not have this issue. Tested on Samsung Note 4 with Chrome, Samsung Note 4 with Firefox, and BlackBerry 10 with in-built "Browser". For example, I searched "Dragon priest Kajuan step" (with no quotations), and this is the link I got from the first result: http://forum.step-project.com/tt/smartbanner/welcome.php?referer=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.step-project.com%2Ftopic%2F8333-dragon-priest-by-kajuan%2F&code=4f8373179b91ba39168d307691afcd7b&board_url=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.step-project.com&lang=enNote that this issue is not found on other forums. For example, on my Note 4 if I search "Tes5edit afk" (no quotes), the first result link will bring me to the TES5Edit AFKMods forum thread, and the page displays correctly. If I search "usleep bethsoft" (no quotes), the first link brings me to the USLEEP thread on the Bethesda forums, and it also displays correctly. I'm not sure if anything can be done about this, as it seems like a Google issue, but as other forums do not have this issue, I thought I would bring it up. Thanks for your time, Nebulous
  10. When creating a new account, forum.step-project.com is sending the following validation link: https://forum.step-project.com/index.php?app=core&module=global§ion=register&do=05 where it should be: https://forum.step-project.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register&do=05 Similarly, the auto validation link is broken: https://forum.step-project.com/index.php?app=core&module=global§ion=register&do=auto_validate&uid=xxxx&aid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but it should be: https://forum.step-project.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register&do=auto_validate&uid=xxxx&aid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Finally, the https interface is open with a bad certificate and an admin management access. Even if you don't care about secure access, you should at least close down that interface since it's a separate running instance. Alternatively if you're using it for admin operations you should assign a non-default port so it won't get accessed by mistake.
  11. With the latest update of MO, 1.2.15, some users are apparently overly concerned with some minor issues. Currently Tannin has locked the Nexus forum due to the amount of pointless questions that are asking the same thing that was answered only a handful of posts previously. A similar thing does occur here in the MO support forum, and also in the wider STEP forum. So, what steps should you take if think you need to post a question? Observe the Pins -- At the top of the Mod Organizer Support forum is a bunch of stickies (this is one of them). There are solutions to common problems there. Check there first. Search the forum -- In the top right hand corner is the 'Search' function. It works. It works REALLY WELL. Use it. Search the forum again -- If your chosen search parameters didn't yield the answer you wanted, choose something else. Search the forum yet again -- Yes I do mean this. Sometimes the answer may be in a post that isn't directly related to your issue. Read the posts -- As well as searching for direct answers, read a section of current threads as often snippets of information that are valid for a wide range of issues may be mentioned. Don't worry -- Mostly the issues you have are minor and wont affect your gaming experience. Phrase your post in a way that elicits helpful replies -- "Why did your update break my game?" or "This function is stupid" are not very attractive even though that is what you may be feeling at the time. We've all done it, posted in the heat of update rage. From now on though, just take a minutes break and calm first, then word your question. Does your input really need to be added? -- Is what you are asking, or stating, add to the overall infobase about the issue? Could you just wait and see if others have similar problems and thus verify that what YOU are seeing is actually an issue. Be helpful -- Along with asking the question, provide as much detail as you can. Any settings that you have that will be needed to replicate the issue. Use [spoiler]text[/spoiler] tags or post them into a hosting service like PasteBin. Include screenshots if they help. The more you tell, the quicker the solution will be. When the answer is provided, it will be helpful to mark that response as 'Answered' thus assisting the users to see where their attention can be directed Come back -- When you feel like adding to the experience and you have something you can assist with, feel free to do so. Avoid the "Einstellung Effect". -- That is asking for help with your solution rather than asking for help with your problem. That is, you are trying to solve problem X and you think solution Y would work. But instead of asking about X when you run into trouble, you ask about Y.
  12. I can not use the full editor to properly edit the OP and drop the mod/add prefixes to: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/594-skyrim-distant-detail-by-kazoomie-dovahsbane/
  13. Just as the title says, the Supported DLC options in the form on mod pages is not working properly. I can select the options (using Firefox) and submit but they are never displayed on the mod page. Example: https://wiki.step-project.com/Relighting_Skyrim Relighting Skyrim supports all three DLCs and all three are selected in the form, however, none are presented on the mod page. I've looked at the form myself but...
  14. This will probably sound like 1000 older posts (believe me I know), but when I load Skyrim up, none of my mods are running. I have had this issue for quite while now, and have tried literally hundreds of solutions and read dozens and dozens of forums to try and find a fix. I have reinstalled several times (both MO and Skyrim), I have changed drives, tried different mod setups (I have double checked compatibility, and for the sake of testing, even tried just using SkyUI or other single mods alone), I have double and triple checked the binaries and file pathing, and at this point, I am completely stumped, and no one else has given me a solution. If anyone can help, I would be extremely appreciative, I will respond with any information needed as quickly as possible. Thank you. My current load order has but a single mod used for testing to see if MO is working, SkyUI
  15. Going through the threads this morning, I made my way to a new posting in a thread about 'Being unable to download from Nexus' Every time I clicked to see what the latest post was about, a download starts for the file: download.htm. I quickly deleted these files and went here to report it. No other threads I have come across behave like this and I'm concerned someone may have left some malware or kiddy-script behind. Posting that URL in a new browser tab seems to take me to the thread so I am really not sure what is happening. Thanks.
  16. When creating a new thread in the mod forum, there is a rules and conditions page that shows up as follows. This is a GREAT feature, but the rules don't exactly match the conditions of creating a thread. This isn't possible, as the "Topic Tags" only allows selecting one of 9 options, as opposed to a thread in this forum, which allows free typing to add tags. Not sure if this is intentional, but I believe the rules and conditions should have the two lines in blue removed if it is.
  17. I was trying to add instructions for an argument on the LOOT page withing the MO Note template and it would bug out if I added the line and just show {{{1}}} where the text should be. The line I was adding was: #For the "Argument" field, type "--game=Skyrim", without quotations. Is the --game=Skyrim not allowed or something?
  18. Not sure if this is the right place to ask. Just reloaded skyrim and was directed to https://wiki.step-project.com from a friend. I am getting 504 Gateway Time-out on the page. I have restarted my comp, tried a diffent browser, and reset router/modem. I have no other issues on any site. Is it down or maintaince or do I need to do something to my profile to view it?
  19. Yesterday I uploaded a new version of 2 screenshot images for use in the Fallout optimization quick-start guide. One worked fine, but with the one for Fallout NV I uploaded the new image file version but the image shown is that of the old image. I've seen this issue in the past and solved it by deleting all versions of the image and loading only the new version, but I don't see deleting file versions as a possibility on the screen with the file history.
  20. So, I've been working on the wiki a lot lately and for the most post I haven't thought much of it; however, it seems to be happening more often. While editing, every once in a while the editor will not load properly as seen in the image below. You can still edit and save your work without issue; however, I just thought I'd mention it in case it's something that actually should be looked into.
  21. I don't really know how to explain this but the underline from a link is going through a space that isn't part of the link. ===== [[File:Blue_Box.png|20px|link=|bottom]] [http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44069/ Alive Waters updated] ===== will result in something like this I would think that this was an issue but its new and wasn't originally like that.
  22. The behaviour of STEP wikis is a bit strange when it comes to jumping to chapter links. When you click any type of link to a chapter heading the display begins the line after the heading with the actual heading itself offscreen at the top. This shouldn't be the behaviour, the display should also include the heading. I'm not really sure why this is happening as the code that is used seems to conform okay, perhaps the wiki software at the backend needs attention.
  23. For some reason <code></code> is not working as it was only a couple days ago. The old way would make the text white and a bit smaller font size. I think it also made it courier new as well. Now it has a little box around it and there is no change in color. Good example here of what's happening: https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP_Core_Patch_Changelog#Detailed_Changelog
  24. As I was making all of the new Mod suggestion Topics I found that as I was making the topic I couldn't add the suggested tag that the Nexus categories give because I could only select from a given list. I was ignoring it until I discovered the button that is to the right of the topic title which is [Edit tags] which allowed me to type the nexus category. After clicking submit, the topic prefix will "fall off" and end up as a tag. Is this because I didn't add the Oblivion tag as well? I was able to edit the OP and fix the issue but it may be annoying for regular members. Figured I might as well post it as an issue...
  25. Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this, so forgive me if it's not and please move it to the right section.I've noticed that using the search feature provided by the Tapatalk app just runs an infinite search with no results.Using the mobile site or the full site, there are no issues so I'm not sure if this relates to the API or the site itself.Could someone test this to see if it's working as intended?Thanks
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