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Found 23 results

  1. Discussion topic: Reasonable Movement Speed by LemonZest Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: Hearthfire Extended by Kinaga Wiki Link STEP SE Note: Test Files: Main FileHearthfire Extended - Not actually a patch, but addon that isn't needed.This mod was in the LE Guide. Needs to be considered and tested for the SE Guide. Would likely need custom patching. Might be an issue with the basements.
  3. Discussion topic: Faction Fixes SE by acidzebra Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: Auto Hide Ammo by Kesta Mod Picker Link Dropped for the v1.0.0 release in favor of Unequip Quiver SE.
  5. Discussion topic: Immersive Spell Learning by Ameisenfutter Wiki Link I just found this interesting. Not sure it would be for STEP as most players would likely find something like this annoying.
  6. Discussion topic: Thieves Guild Requirements SE by kryptopyr Mod Picker Link
  7. Discussion topic: Timing is Everything SE by kryptopyr Mod Picker Link
  8. Discussion topic: Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul by kryptopyr Mod Picker Link
  9. Discussion topic: Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered by kryptopyr Mod Picker Link
  10. Discussion topic: Move it Dammit - for Skyrim Special Edition by Apogee777/E10X11 Mod Picker Link The 'Less Wait Time' settings have been incorporated into the STEP SE CR Patch.
  11. Discussion topic: Run For Your Lives by Arthmoor Mod Picker Link
  12. Discussion topic: The Paarthurnax Dilemma by Arthmoor Mod Picker Link
  13. Discussion topic: Gildergreen Regrown by Arthmoor Mod Picker Link
  14. Discussion topic: Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge SSE by mitchalek/Paltiel Mod Picker Link
  15. Discussion topic: Ragdoll Paralysis Redux SE by AUTHOR Mod Picker Link Dropped due to the addition of CACO.
  16. Discussion topic: Point The Way by Arthmoor Mod Picker Link
  17. Discussion topic: Mors Arrows Be Gone by 5133p39 Mod Picker Link Replaced by Auto Hide Ammo in v0.2.0b.
  18. Discussion topic: Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE by Eckss/Argonil Mod Picker Link
  19. Discussion topic: Trade and Barter by kryptopyr Mod Picker Link
  20. Discussion topic: Better Stealth AI for Followers by kryptopyr/nbtc971 Mod Picker Link
  21. Discussion topic: Improved Traps by kryptopyr/Wiseman303 Mod Picker Link
  22. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71491/? This looks like an interesting mod that balances the movement speed of the character and human NPCs. Increases walking speed (roleplay-walk) by 25%Decrease run and sprint speeds by a small amount (7%)Correct multiple values which were wrong in game (such as backwalking with one handed weapon being 0.6x the speed of backwalking with two handed weapon).Reduce sidewalk speed slightly. (Without this mod you backrun with speed of 205 and backrunsidestep with speed of 370. Very huge and unrealistic difference, backrunning and backrunsidestepping being just as hard in irl. This fixes it.)Modified movement speed values for Humanoid (Player and NPC). Walk 80 -> 100Run 370 -> 340Sprint 500 -> 470Sneak walk 47 -> 60Sneak run 222 -> 190 (left & right 170)
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