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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm back after some years trying out the new guide (Skyrim Special Edition 1.0.0). I'm following it very closely and came across a part that I found a bit confusing. I bring up two main issues in this post that I would kindly like some help with: 1. Confusing guide steps 2. Missing backup of Update.esm These are the problematic/confusing guide steps. Please note that it's not necessarily the steps themselves that are confusing (except the last sentence in STEP 3 point 3), but rather the purpose/thought behind. ------------------------------ STEP 2 Profile Setup "10. Now click the MO List Options button and select [Create empty mod]." "11. Name it xEdit Output." Tool Setup table (Arguments) (Applies to both TES5Edit.exe and TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe) "Tick the Create files in mod instead of overwrite box and select the xEdit Output mod from the drop-down." STEP 3 Cleaning Vanilla Master Files Standard Cleaning Procedures "3. Once xEdit is finished, click [X] at upper right to close. A backup of the original plugin will automatically be saved into (e.g., ../xEdit Output/SSEEdit Backups) inside of Overwrite at the bottom of the MO mod list (left) pane." ------------------------------ First of all, isn't the point of creating the "xEdit Output" mod to make the backups appear there instead of in Overwrite (apologies if I misunderstand this)? That's why the last sentence in STEP 3 point 3 was a little confusing. If we remove the parenthesis it says "A backup of the original plugin will automatically be saved into inside of Overwrite at the bottom of the MO mod list (left) pane." Could you re-formulate that whole sentence including the parenthesis to make it clearer you think? Because I don't understand what the "xEdit Output" is for or where the backups end up. Now for the missing esm: After I had cleaned the first file (Update.esm) with TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe and closed the tool I couldn't find a backup file in any of the folders (neither xEdit Output nor Overwrite). I proceeded to clean the other files (Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfire.esm, Dragonborn.esm). After doing so those three appeared in....probably the Overwrite mod folder. Sorry, I can't remember precisely but I think it was the Overwrite folder. It most likely was, because otherwise I wouldn't be here wondering what the purpose of the xEdit Output folder is. But anyway, as I said the Update.esm was nowhere to be found. Which means I had no backup of the original file. So here's what I did then: I went into Steam and did a "verify integrity" check. The Update.esm was then retrieved, I made a backup of it and then cleaned it again. When doing so I got an error (I really need to write down these error messages) saying that some registry edits had disappeared and that I had to run the Skyrim launcher again. I did so and then I went back and did the whole BethINI thing again just in case some ini-files had been overwritten. So is that sufficient? Can I continue from STEP 4 or do I need to go back (further up) in the guide and redo some steps? Jeeez, Whitestar, that sure was a lot of text that you made me read Ok, here is a short summary: 1. I found the parts about "xEdit Output" a bit confusing, including the arguments given in the tool setup table. Why exactly do we create that mod (folder), especially when it says further down that the plugin backups can be found inside Overwrite (and I believe that's where I found them). 2. The Update.esm wasn't backed up. 3. Having done the "verify integrity" thing and then re-done the BethINI steps, am I good to continue, or should I rewind further and redo more steps (please say no )? Thanks, and apologies if I have misunderstood something. MO2 isn't exactly the most intuitive tool I have ever used. Also apologies if anything (or all) in my post is unclear. It's always a bit hard to clearly and precisely describe issues when the problems are a bit vague. EDIT: Just a thought: It's only after the manual cleaning of Dawnguard.esm using TES5Edit.exe (not TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe) that I tick Backup Plugins. In TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe I was told to just exit the tool. Could it be that the Backup option is not enabled in TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe, and that that's the reason Update.esm wasn't backed up? And when I tick that option in TES5Edit.exe it also somehow gets activated in TES5EditQuickAutoClean.exe, resulting in backups taken of Hearthfire and Dragonborn? This is just pure speculaition and I don't really know what I'm talking about.
  2. Since the 'accepted wisdom' of cleaning the Skyrim SE DLC .esms + Update.esm has moved back to not cleaning them, should the guide be updated to reflect this? I had a look for any previous discussion about this but I couldn't find anything. At the moment, most modding guides still recommend cleaning them although very few state why. By contrast many mod authors either don't see any benefit in cleaning them or recommend not cleaning them, including those at the pointier end of providing support. This isn't a thread for discussing the technical issues of cleaning the .esms, rather to address the following: 1. Whether STEP should still recommend cleaning the .esms 2. Whether it should be discretionary 3. If certain components of the guide rely on the .esms being cleaned then of course that answers both questions above. But if that is the case, and we agree that cleaning them is unnecessary, then perhaps future versions of the guide could be reconfigured based on this. I've cleaned the esms both times I've done a STEP install and I never experienced a problem. However, I didn't have a lot of mods installed on top of STEP. Some people do experience problems as a result of cleaning them. Related note, just FYI: the 'accepted wisdom' also applies to the other Bethesda games' DLC, with the exception of TES IV: Oblivion as those are .esps
  3. Dear STEP-Team, Currently, I am trying to set up S.T.E.P., but I have some questions:Sometimes there is an extra step, stating that a mod should be enabled in MO2 (ex.: Step 2 - MO2 Config - Tool Setup 3.). However, for most of the mods, that step is not mentioned (ex. Step 4 - Extenders - SKSE64). Does this mean that I always have to enable mods unless stated otherwise? The Dawnguard manual cleaning procedure: What does "Dawnguard.esm header" mean (7. and 9.) - the "Record Header"-panel or the "[02] Dawnguard.esm"-panel (which deletes the whole Dawnguard CWGuard Template)?Thank you very much I Iove your project, keep it up!
  4. Most mods contain the Worldspace entry and the sub record Tamriel is marked always in red. How to deal with this issue? Is it an issue at all? What would you suggest if this record is not important: delete it ? (I guess no good idea, there might be a reason why this record is there if the Ck didn't add it simply by default and the modder didn't care about at the end) Or ignoring it? Or create a bashed patch and forget it? A second minor question related to cleaning records is: why should we clean mods one by one (remove identical to master / remove references) and not in the same session? All well written guides discourage to clean more than one mod at session..
  5. Yes or No? Some guides I've been reading say to do it. Yet some people say not to do it or the game will break.
  6. I am supposed to get the cleaned esms from my data folder but i dont see them, and there are some esms on my overwrite folder, which i think are the ones i am looking for am i right? Picture attached. no idea how to attach pictures i guess
  7. The guide has tagged FWE with Cleaning. How do I do this? The guide mentions I have to look at LOOT. There some of FWE's esp's are marked for cleaning with FO3Edit. Is it the same process as cleaning the vanilla ESMs? I open FWE, load only one of the files to clean, apply filter for cleaning, remove identical to master records, undelete, exit, save and backup, repeat for all plugins? Just asking to be sure! :) Another mod, More Map Markers, is also tagged for cleaning. However, LOOT doesn't advice any cleaning. What do I do with this one in that case?
  8. When cleaning the DLC esm's, the instructions say to right-click on Overwrite and create a new mod called "Cleaned Dawnguard ESM", etc. However, it does not say to do this for the Update esm, but this esm leaves a file and backup inside the Overwrite folder. Should I delete these, or follow the same instructions as the DLC overwrites? Thanks! Just so no one needs to reference it, here are the entire instructions listed in the Step wiki: [EDIT] Going back over the instructions and experimenting, it seems that I just don't need to check "Backup", and it cleans the esm without leaving it in the overwrite folder. I'm assuming that's what the instructions are meant to get across, but it's very confusing, especially since I think "Backup" is checked by default (that or it just stays checked once checked initially).
  9. Hi all! I used STEP from the beginning and it is really great. But somehow i ended up loosing my saves due to windows installation or my pc being broken. Finally i started to backup saves so now I managed to find a backup of my old save on my dropbox. It is version STEP v2.2.1 and now I want to install Skyrim again. So, do I need to clean my save game or I just can follow the guide to STEP installation? Thx for your time.
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