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Found 17 results

  1. Discussion topic: Sound Record Distributor by doodlez, Dylan James Wiki Link SKSE framework which allows sounds to be distributed at runtime, greatly simplifying audio mods and patches. New requirement for Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE. Associated mod links: AOS Expansions Acoustic Space Improvement Fixes Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion Regional Sounds Expansion AOS-ISC Integration Solution Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE Immersive Sounds - Compendium Audio Overhaul - Immersive Sounds Integration Implementation Mechanic Sound Record Distributor (this mod)
  2. Discussion topic: Grass Cache Fixes by DoubleYouC Wiki Link Use a SSE 1.5.97-created grass cache in SSE 1.6.xxx without NGIO dependency to allow grass LOD in SAE. Related Topic s - Please do not post here about downgrading or swapping between SSE/SAE. Get 1.5.97 without a backup Run 1.5.97 and 1.6.xxx on same PC via MO Kezyma's Root Builder for Mod Organizer
  3. Discussion topic: ISControl Enabler and Ironsights adjuster (now ESPless) by Xilandro Wiki Link An alternative to IsController (patches animations automatically) with the added function of options to align weapon sights.
  4. I have been trying since November, 2021 to get DynDOLOD to work. Every time I try, it gives a different excuse for not working. I have Skyrim AE on my laptop with the version of SKSE64 for Skyrim AE, and that works fine. I have the DLL's installed. DynDOLOD resources 3.00 Alpha, and DynDOLOD 3.0 Alpha. I think there is a newer version, (3.2?), but when I tried to run it, it didn't give me the option to select SSE mode instead of TES5 and gave an error after it started to run. At least TexGen64 worked in that version. In 3.00, TexGen64 gives an error that there is not a waterfall effect texture. From the one time it did work, which was a fluke, I took the output folder and zipped and installed it as a mod in NMM, along with the DLLs and other things I just mentioned. When I proceeded to run DynDOLOD, in 3.2 (?), it doesn't give me the option to select SSE mode and later gives an error. No matter what I do, it always gives one excuse or another. In 3.00 Alpha, it gives another reason. It lets me select SSE mode, then runs for a bit and says the DynDOLOD resources are obsolete and I need the newest one. I have the letest resources installed, and even went and uninstalled previous attempts at installing resources. I have 3.00 and 3.2(?) both installed. I tried just 3.2, then just 3.0, then both. It dives me the same bullcrap. This is actually the most difficult and frustrating thing I have ever done in my life. Nothing else comes close. I want to smash my computer with a hammer, but that wouldn't help anything. Did someone go out of their way to make DynDOLOD as needlessly difficult as possible? I can't imagine it would be this difficult to "hand build" my LODs. It would be tedious, but I can't imagine it being nearly this difficult. Can someone please help me with this nightmare? I have tried at least 3 different versions of DynDOLOD with matching resources and DLLs. I've watched many tutorials and followed them closely. I've buried myself in many long, confusing guides. Nothing I've ever done in my life has been this difficult or confusing.
  5. Discussion topic: xLODGen Resource - SSE Terrain Tamriel by Sheson Wiki Link Obviously we use this already, but before there wasn't a mod page, and it was bundled with our xLODGen instructions. Accepted for 2.0.0
  6. Discussion topic: Settlement Menu Manager by cadpnq Wiki Link
  7. Discussion topic: Mod Configuration Menu by registrator2000, Neanka, shadowslasher410 Wiki Link
  8. Discussion topic: HUDFramework by registrator2000 Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: iscontroller by onvil Wiki Link Patches all animations to work with custom meshes.
  10. Discussion topic: Address Library for SKSE Plugins by meh321 Wiki Link
  11. Discussion topic: MCM Helper by Parapets Wiki Link This is a requirement for SPID for Footprints if that is accepted. Accepted for 2.0.0
  12. Discussion topic: The Mod Configuration Menu by Pelinor Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: UIO - User Interface Organizer by jazzisparis Wiki Link
  14. Discussion thread: New Vegas Heap Replacer by iranrmrf Wiki page
  15. Discussion thread: FNV Mod Limit Fix by iranrmrf Wiki page Fixes a decade-old problem of FNV not being able to load more that 135 plugins at once (compare this to Skyrim's 255). The solution also improves the game's stability. Requires NVSE.
  16. Discussion topic: NVTF by carxt, lStewieAl, tgspy Wiki Link Features: Tick Count Fix - Removes micro stuttering, replacing the old NVSR fix under Windows 10. Hashtable Optimization - Optimizes performance; decreases loading times. High FPS Fix - prevents various issues when playing above 60 FPS. For optimal experience play in windowed mod and do not use ENBoost:
  17. ---START--- Discussion topic: Ogg Vorbis Libraries by KaneWright Wiki Link So what does this do then? Well, I have taken upon the task to enlighten the profligates of the wastes (or, rather, shamelessly copy-paste other people's comments from Nexus): Elflat 63 wrote:
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